Sign The Petition: Save Bobby Jones Gospel!

Readers, gospel music producer Stan Jones (Mississippi Mass Choir, The Williams Brothers, Clout Music Group) has drafted a petition on in support of bringing back Bobby Jones Gospel for yet another season and hopefully beyond next year. He's the face of gospel music entertainment, a fixture on television for 35 years. He's credited with the longest running original programming on cable television, an entertainment legend for sure. He’s Bobby Jones and this is his final season on Black Entertainment Television, or maybe not. Sign the petition here!


  1. Wished I would have sign one years ago to get him off the air...He's one of the founding Fathers of ushering homosexuality in the church....bye Felicia!!!!

    1. Sorry Ann, but I agree with Anonymous.

    2. I can understand the petition, a lot of industry people will be hurt because the show is a major promotional tool for a new artist.

    3. How did he usher homosexuality into the church? Did he turn pastors, choir directors, music ministers, ushers, members etc. into closeted homosexuals? Sexual immorality was in the church way before Dr. Jones came along and will be there long after he's gone. You sound foolish.

    4. Don't get mad just say ouch!!!!!

  2. I won't be signing the petition either. He had a good run. Early on it was a great show. Always watched as I got ready for church. But, it has lost it ump. Had some great singers, but just was not the same as earlier. Best of luck to Bobby Jones.

  3. It has been around for a long time! All good things must come to an end. I wish Bobby Jones good luck in his future!

  4. I pray Bobbi go get saved before its to late...he can't sing his self into the kingdom....pure gay entertainment!!!!

  5. He needs to repent. Will not be signing


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