Sad But True Teddy And Tina The Next Celebrity Senior Pastors????

Readers, I'm saying this one more time the "Gospel Message" is not about us. A personal testimony prepares us to be a witness for C H R I S T not for us.  If your goal is to fill a church building on Wednesday nights and Sunday morning with gullible people who are not looking for a change. Then, all you need to do to accomplish said task is taking a popular gospel music artist and put them in the pulpit, BOOM!

There's some loud unexpected online noise surrounding ”Teddy & Tina Campbell visit to the ‘Boris and Nicole Show.’ The world is looking, taking notes and asking questions.  When is anger issues and destroying someone's property considered a testimony?  For me, this looks like one big ole advertising gig and nothing more.

Also in my opinion, there's a movement underway that has caught my attention and other like-minded folks. From the look of things, it's like most all of gospel music artists are in some shape, form or fashion attempting to move away from their musical base or roots if you will. To an all out effort to chase after what appears to me to be greener grounds, larger crowds, bigger audiences, moe money and moe fame.


  1. I can't!...I just can't!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have enough church leaders who are full of themselves instead of the Holy Ghost.

  2. I would not attend anything led by Teddy & Tina just like I wouldn't support Erica & Warren. Too much flesh and mess!

  3. Ms.Ann, you are right once again....these folks are promoting themselves. How are you going to have a platform about being anger issues with a cheating husband to boot? People now days will follow anything.

  4. Didn't this couple JUST GET BACK TOGETHER?!?!

    Now there trying to LED A CHURCH!

    These two need to literally TAKE A SEAT and do nothing but enjoy their marriage for awhile. Because they almost lost it.

    I don't understand the mentality or the progression of most popular gospel artists.

    Yes, many have incredible singing voices and can write and arrange music better than many of their secular peers.

    But is there a scripture that states once a gospel singer reaches a certain level that have to start a church.

    2 Hesitation 3:15
    "Therefore, who so ever sings of me, can sell more records than others, and has won a Stellar award, he shall abide in me a church building in which to help promote THE NEXT ALBUM."

    And A few of these Gospel artist shouldn't be leading a group of ANY BODY. Let alone a church.

  5. So sick of this attention seeking . Sit down Tina Campbell even God is tired of both of you


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