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Is This Event Like A Step Towards The One World Religion??

Reader thanks to Forerunner Chronicles Christopher Hudson for this post. What are your thoughts on this event? Forty plus speakers from around the world and across the streams of Christianity as they gather to seek the Lord for Unity and Revival as Jesus prayed in John 17, 'so the world will know him'.

Kirk Franklin On How Swagger Can Help the Gospel?!?!?!

Readers, we Christians are trying too hard to be mainstream nowadays. Kirk's latest post is about reaching the younger generation through music with "swagger" or a modern style. The piece about church culture has angered some of his followers on social media.  "How Swagger Can Help The Gospel."  I'm questioning how does God's word need our help? If I'm not mistaken, we are just mere people how does an infinite God need our help with His word?  I see kirk's point as to making the gospel attractive in order to bring others to Christ although I do not believe we help the gospel at all its the other way around. The Gospel teaches us how to deliver Christ to a dying world.


  1. Swagger has Nothing to do with the GOSPEL!

    1. Right on Anonymous, Swagger CAN HELP SPREAD THE GOSPEL!! Folks need to open their minds. This straight from the pit of hell.You are not going to capture people with church music if they have never been in a church! Get them where they are....then lead the way!

    2. The gospel doesn't need help, it just needs to be spread! End of story.

  2. NOT with Kirk on that one. Holy Spirt is how God is revealed to humanity, not style, not I, but Christ only.

  3. The Gospel doesn't need help.

  4. The fact that this little runt even suggested the Gospel need help is an offense The Gospel needs help? How? What help does it need?

  5. So we have
    Eric Campbell with her Trap-gospel song

    Karen Clark Sheard reaching the people IN THE CLUB

    And Kirk with the GOSPEL OF SWAG.

    I am beginning to think most gospel artists are full of themselves.

    Jesus had so much substance that he didn't need swag.

    The 12 disciples were so focused on their "FATHERS BUSINESS" that style, culture and the hottest track from the latest song were the furthest thing from their minds while spreading the gospel.

    MAYBE what Kirk was trying to say is don't judge these young people by the way they look and to judge them by their motives.

    In which case we are looking BEYOND THE SWAGGER and looking at the heart.

    Swagger may be great at attracting people to the gospel but in the end it's just a lot of smoke & mirrors.

    1. I'm done! Kirk Franklin, is collecting souls for satan.

  6. I'm of the thinking that gospel music is now for artists who can't make it in r&b. They want to blur the lines in a last ditch, ego driven effort to be accepted and patronized by the secular world.

    1. I've always said that. Every "gospel label" is still under the umbrella of secular labels such as sonn, etc. Their music can not be release without the help of those distributers. This is why when Tina (from Mary Mary) album didn't come out when it did. I just believe she refused to do something and they were going to show her that her God don't rule them until she bend to their rules. It's really sad. Some don't know they are being used and some can care less. We all need to pray!!!

  7. How much more apparent do these entertainers need to be before we admit that we know what we're dealing with?

  8. Well let's just look at Kirk. The epitome of feminity and drag glam. He is the homo-thug of the church world. The gospel is veneer going to be respected by an unbeliever if it is presented to them in the same lifestyle and manner that they already live. I am so tired of these wannabe church gospel singers who can't make it in the secular world using the church as a platform for religious secularism and then try to use the excuse that we are closed minded if we believe that the power of God does not need men to water it down to make it comfortable for the unbeliever. Kirk and the rest of these folk are as far from God as can be!


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