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Jesus Take The Wheel: A Holy Collection Notice!

Readers, should the church be sending out collection notices like the one above? Someone, anyone please explain for me how anyone can be delinquent in their financial support for a church ministry? I'm not one of the many Christians who do not believe in tithing. There's no way a church can fully operate without the members giving.  The foundation and essence of the Christian life is to follow Jesus with all that we are and to hold nothing back, which do mean our money is included.

To be a disciple means that my financial life will be inseparably connected to my worship. To be a lover of God is to be a giver; to be filled with the Spirit is to be filled with the very essence of our generous God. In other words, when we get saved our wallets must be converted as well. You cannot force people into giving.  The above letter is a black eye for the church. Young lady find your self a new church. 

  Thanks, Marjorie Tabb!

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  1. That letter is off-putting and will surely cost them members. This is another example of a church over stepping it's boundaries and trying to control people.

    In my opinion, there are way too many churches and not enough saved people. so I personally am not concerned that many churches are facing financial ruin.

    1. I agree Anonymous! So why even send a letter like this out in the first place? You can't force people to give if they don't want to give.

    2. Ms. Ann being FORCED to pay ANYTHING is ridiculous. If people pay their tithes or not is between them and God not the church folk who is keeping track. Being punished or put on the spot for not paying the "minimum" is a hot mess. Everybody don't do everything the bible requires so making it a requirement is shameful.

    3. The young lady Ms.Pretty Peterson posted on her Facebook page that the church charged her for missing days. I've been part of the church construct for most of my life....I have never in my life heard of a church doing this.

    4. Ann this would be my que to leave that church, cause they are seriously money driven, I know churches can't run by themselves but most of them get non profit grants from the government to run their church...disgusting!!!

  2. This is really sad. People give what they want to give, can afford to give, and what's from their hearts. Being forced to pay a minimum amount or owe the church is ridiculous! Smh pretty shameful.

  3. Really sad that churches are nothing but a big business these days and the last time I checked salvation is free to all.. Sad to say that some of these very churches are nowhere to be found when a church member need financial assistance.

  4. I like the part that says if you're broke, we'll give you 90 days. Ha!

  5. While it's unfortunate that some churches engage in this practice, how do we know this is an official letter from the church in question?

    1. The pastor name is on the letter head plus the church has not disputed the claim. If you check the young lady Facebook page you can see it's not fake.

    2. Again, not saying yay or nay, but ANYONE could have typed this up and posted it.


    At what age to they start CHARGING the youth to be members of the church???

    Sorry kids, you can't keep all the birthday cash. The church anniversary is coming up.

    If a member is in financial delinquency (as they put it) are they still allowed to attend on Sunday?
    Does the church start to reposes stuff (choir robe, pew seat)

    So many questions.
    But I doubt there are any good answers.

    1. Cop I have never ever seen anything like this in my life. I notice to that they didn't spare the kids.

    2. Salvation is FREE. Lights, air conditioning, heat, Cleaning the sanctuary, Bathroom supplies, Pastor salary, etc. are not free. The only organization that people feel do not need money to operate is the Church. If one is not willing to support the church monetarily, don't join. No one is twisting your arm. Every organization, club, gang etc. demand financial support from their members. Every Sunday millions of people go to church, and 75% who are members do not support properly. Why do so many people desire the BENEFITS of membership without paying membership fees. God does not need our money, but the Church does. Creflo Dollar and Joel Osteen are only two men I know out of thousands of pastors who work on jobs, and get no salary for their labor.

    3. Candy Crush Saga

      We all should know that the church needs money to help support ministry's, keep the lights on and heat and AC.

      But to "Demand" and send collection notices if people don't pay?!

      To ask KIDS to PAY THE CHURCH?!

      Church isn't (and shouldn't be) a pay to play system.

      I am rather insulted an embarrassed that you said, "if you are not willing to support the church monetarily, DONT JOIN!?!?"
      That would mean the homeless, unemployed, orphans, & those with severe handicaps couldn't be members of the church.

      The "CHURCH" should be different and set apart from any other group or organization that ask for fees.
      And THIS particular church IS twisting arms to get people to pay by sending out A COLLECTION NOTICE.

      Using Dollar & Osteen as the ONLY examples of pastors who DONT TAKE A SALARY is a joke. Most of the materials they own is bought with the CHURCHES MONEY, not their own. And I seriously doubt that either one of them actually "WORK" full time (but that might be another subject)

      Hundreds and thousands of pastors don't get paid from the church and are happy to do so having NEVER been paid by the church.

  7. They actually sent a debt collection letter...what kinda mess?!!!��

  8. this is common practice in the primitive baptist tradition. It weeds out non active members because let's be honest, if you're active in your church, you attend every week an pay your tithes and offering on an almost consistent basis right?

    1. Anonymous are you sure of that? I have never heard such nonsense Jesus said the way , to him is free no pastor or anyone has the authority to tell members of a church they have to pay fees for and how much to upkeep the church. Jesus said to give one tenth of your earnings as tithes to his store house so that there would be meat in it and to prove him so he will open the windows of heaven and pour you out a blessing so that there will not be room enough to receive it. Give unto God what you have from the bottom of your heart and He will bless you for he knows the heart of man.They are greedy and self-serving it is wrong, ignore the bill and find a church that teaches the commandments of God and not the custom of man.the wayto Jesus is free for he paid it all on Calvary.


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