In My Opinion, Franklin Graham Is Spreading Xenophobia At A Time We Should Be Emphasizing Love For All!

Readers, Franklin Graham is really a piece of work.  I don't know if I've seen anything loving or compassionate ever said about him. In all honesty, I believe he is one of the biggest bigots under the umbrella of Christianity. Yesterday, Graham posted the above ugly message to his Facebook page.This bigot really think, our response to the shooting of four Marines by a young man from a Muslim family is to bar *all* Muslims from immigrating to our country. I find that idea so darn stupid.  What happened in Chattanooga Thursday is tragic and an act of terrorism. Prayers with all of the families. But let us also not forget that extremism comes in many forms including words such as this from Graham that ignite division and hate.


  1. I agree Ann, Franklin Graham is a bigot. You can't' punish all Muslims for the actions of a few. If that's the case why don't we start expelling white men from the country since they are the ones who seem to be going into theaters and schools and shooting them up. Maybe Franklin needs to reread his Bible on judging others.

  2. I'm just put this out there and to piggy back off his tower of fear with logic. 1 professing Christian murders hundreds in Oklahoma City and "he wasn't really a Christian". 1 professing Muslim murders 4 marines and "close the borders. ALL Muslims are gonna kill us". Either we use the same measure or we don't. You can't have it both ways. Folks need to start calling this racist out on his hate.

  3. Ann, among other things, this Graham post makes me want to go back and see what he said after the slaying of 9 African Americans in Charleston last month.

  4. Franklin Graham obviously doesn't know ANY Muslims. All of the Muslim folks I know are grateful to be living in the United States. Talking this way about a group of people due to the awful decision of one person is just hateful and disgusting. Nothing is this sounds remotely like Jesus of the Bible. Read the New Testament Franklin and get back to me.


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