Guess Who Pastoral Vision This Belongs To??

Readers, is pastoral 'vision' right or wrong? What if your church had just hired a young pastor fresh from school, and he had visions of building and growing a great and glorious church like the one above. Could you get behind him and his vision?


  1. Yes I could see myself this supporting this vision.
    what is the problem is it with vision or with the size of the vision...
    .If the Lord has found him faithful in little the Lord increases...
    If it's of God it will stand!!! If not we all will know and see..
    .In the meantime, one thing I know the Lord will raise up and send someone to support the vision.

  2. Pastoral vision has nothing to do with physical buildings. It has everything to do with how many souls you've won to Christ. The edifice in the picture is not a building for 10,000 Muslims who just converted to Christianity. The purpose is to continue the trend of "the church" remaining a "country club" where membership has its privileges, hell doesn't exist, and heaven is RIGHT NOW on earth. The Young pastor fresh from school needs to go get his "street creds" outside the pulpit and minister to the unchurched and people of other religions like Islam and then build a church once you've converted enough souls.

  3. I mean come on. Yes the early churches met in houses. But be honest, are YOU willing to open you home regularly for the saints to come over to worship? As we evangelize (as we are commanded to do) and more come to faith in the Lord, there maybe need a building big enough where new believers, as well as those already in the faith to worship. If the Pastor's vision is in line with the ministry of evangelizing the community, and building a church to house them for worship, nothing wrong that. Problem is not so much the building, but the leaders inside the buildings. Many of them teaches false doctrine leading many with itching ears astray. Many assign to practices that are un-biblical and lead many into apostasy. Many of these leaders are dictators and not shepherds who really care about the flock, only to fleece them because of their greed for money.

  4. No way can I see this in Detroit!

  5. This vision is absolutely stunning! But I would be more supportive of community based visions/projects that empower the people in need and help to establish independence and sustainability. However, I'm not a member of this church and cannot condemn them for what they chose to support.

  6. So the good Reverend wants to build HIS VISION in Detroit. I would image it would cost 10 to 15 million dollars (I am low balling) to complete.

    I have a better vision that would help the people of Detroit and church members as well.

    Use that Multi-million dollar loan (Cause they will need a loan) buy some Foreclosed homes.

    Fix these homes so they are livable and allow some young people to act as apprentices on these houses so they can get some job training skills.

    Then the church can sell a few homes for profit and allow a few homes to be used for people for low income housing.

    This can work in several area of Detroit.

    (Warning: Dont start renting them out. Churches make terrible landlords)

    This would help boost the economy that the city of Detroit desperately needs.

    No. He won't have 10 thousand stadium seats, or a 45 foot video screen, and a private office over looking the poorest city in the nation.

    But this vision could transform a small portion of the city.

    ***Notice how these big name pastors only have a vision to create bigger state of the art buildings but rarely have a vision that would ACTUALLY benefit the community.

  7. That is Bishop Winan's vision that has been sitting since 2002 that I know of...


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