Church AnnounceMent: A Church Membership Contract Is A Legal Document That Protects The Church!

Readers, according to my friends over at, Rev. Derrick Mike and staff, has sent the above termination letter for failure to pay to a 92-year-old who's currently sick & shut-in. Once again signing a church covenant or document is the same as signing a legal contract. Not a good look for the church.


  1. Don't join a church that has such policies in place. Remember a church is just a building. Just because an organization is calling itself a church doesn't mean anything. Do your research, read the word for yourself, nurture your discerning spirit and don't be fooled.

  2. My god the woman is 92 years of age.

  3. So the good church can send a collection notice, but they can't visit to find out why she is sick?

    That's a great scam for the church.

    Get the people's tithes for most of their lives,

    And when they get old and can't pay any more, cut their church membership and they don't have to pay to host the funeral.

  4. I've been in church attendance all my life so I don't mind saying ... It's a person's choice to join a church. At some point folk gonna have to decide some churches are nothing more than clubs. And yes, most clubs have membership fees. #exerciseyourchoice

  5. I luv the Church just like Jesus loved the Church jist like how his disciples gathered routinely on the 1st day of the wk to fellowship w one another and give glory and honor to God. I luv the Church #FindaGoodOne :)


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