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Congratulation Bishop Jake's For Not Remaining Silent About Racism!

Readers, hate is real! The T.D. Jakes Show had the families of Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, Tamir Rice, Eric Garner and Sandra Bland on the show yesterday for a very important conversation that they were hoping everyone in America would also participate in. I don't think they were looking for some of those hateful comments.

I am so tired of the rhetoric...whenever there is a discussion about blacks and the injustices that occurs, blacks are told to get over it and when people say things like "all lives matter" folks take that as another way to tell blacks you don't matter. In my opinion, the vast majority of churches have always been silent to racism, discrimination and segregation way before, Jerry Farwell even said and promoted that segregation discrimination was ok as he preached the "Gospel".   Will the vast majority of churches continue to be silent? It appears that it will not, if Bishop Jakes has anything to do with it. Thank God for Bishop TD Jakes …

Lecrae Has Finally Gotten His N*gger Wake Up Call!

Readers, I honestly don't listen to Lecrae music, but I do follow him on social media. I have read his comment section with great bewilderment. I know of no other artist whose fan base claims to love him as much as his does but in reality actually hates much of who he is at his core. I don't know how he does it. In his latest video, he tries to explain and understand.

In my opinion issues like ISIS and abortion are outside of oneself, but racism is an inside job.  It's easier for us to discuss external things and label them as "evil", than to deal with the internal evil crap in our own heart.

Guess Who Pastoral Vision This Belongs To??

Readers, is pastoral 'vision' right or wrong? What if your church had just hired a young pastor fresh from school, and he had visions of building and growing a great and glorious church like the one above. Could you get behind him and his vision?

Why Have The Thugs & Terrorists Placed Confederate Flags Around The King Center And Ebenezer Baptist Church?

Readers, is someone sending a message? Why, and for what purpose would someone placed confederate flags around the King Center and Ebenezer Baptist Church? According to Ebenezer Baptist Church Rev. Shanan Jones, several confederate flags were found around the King Center and Ebenezer Baptist Church Thursday morning. The police and Homeland Security are working to remove the flags. Source:

Pentecostal Assemblies Of The World Makes History!

Readers, history has just been made in the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World Organization, as Dr. Aletha Cushinberry of Topeka, KS was just voted to the Episcopacy as the First Female Bishop with Honorary Status. Bishop-Elect Cushinberry will be consecrated this Friday morning during the 100th Centennial Convention.

Congratulations Dr. Aletha Cushinberry the first woman bishop of  P. A .W!

Sign The Petition: Save Bobby Jones Gospel!

Readers, gospel music producer Stan Jones (Mississippi Mass Choir, The Williams Brothers, Clout Music Group) has drafted a petition on in support of bringing back Bobby Jones Gospel for yet another season and hopefully beyond next year. He's the face of gospel music entertainment, a fixture on television for 35 years. He's credited with the longest running original programming on cable television, an entertainment legend for sure. He’s Bobby Jones and this is his final season on Black Entertainment Television, or maybe not. Sign the petition here!

Church AnnounceMent: A Church Membership Contract Is A Legal Document That Protects The Church!

Readers, according to my friends over at, Rev. Derrick Mike and staff, has sent the above termination letter for failure to pay to a 92-year-old who's currently sick & shut-in. Once again signing a church covenant or document is the same as signing a legal contract. Not a good look for the church.

Kirk Franklin On How Swagger Can Help the Gospel?!?!?!

Readers, we Christians are trying too hard to be mainstream nowadays. Kirk's latest post is about reaching the younger generation through music with "swagger" or a modern style. The piece about church culture has angered some of his followers on social media.  "How Swagger Can Help The Gospel."  I'm questioning how does God's word need our help? If I'm not mistaken, we are just mere people how does an infinite God need our help with His word?  I see kirk's point as to making the gospel attractive in order to bring others to Christ although I do not believe we help the gospel at all its the other way around. The Gospel teaches us how to deliver Christ to a dying world.

Church AnnounceMent: Dr. E. Dewey Smith, Jr.'s Response to Anti-Gay Hypocrisy Video Clip!

Readers, Dr. E. Dewey Smith, Jr, says he have no idea why his 4 minute sermon clip was posted and became viral without context or his approval. He states that he don't know, why those brief words have caused several "saints" to "hate" and even "wish death" upon him:

I will never understand why some would rather "condemn" without getting context. I do know why those with "causes", both positive and negative, used the clip for their "purposes". In spite of it all, I am comforted by the fact that God and those who have actually heard the entire message, know that my purpose was simple: Spread the message of Jesus with those who will listen and expect God to bring transformation to any life. Though I wish God had given me prior warning about the "firestorm" of the past five days, I am confident that Jesus' name has been heard by millions all over the world via my mouth. Although "Stephen has died, Saul has…

Fix It Jesus: Rihanna's "Better Have My Money" Promotes The Elite's Obsession With Torture and Murder.

Readers, thank for calling out the evil of this song. I don't claim to know what this video means, all I know is it's disturbing. As if we don't have enough violence in the world as it is? When I first saw this video I couldn't believe what I was watching, we live in a scary world.

According to the author Rihanna’s “Better Have My Money” purposely pushes limits and purposely pushes them in a specific direction. The video is a continuation of mass media’s agenda of glorifying death, torture, and dehumanization. He explains the twisted messages behind “*itch Better Have My Money”. Things will only continue to get worse.

Breaking News: Marriage Is Not A Christian Institution!

Readers, this well-written thought provoking article has angered some on social media as well as some in the Christian community. I understand perfectly well the message the author was trying to convey here.  Isn't it strange how people see things different than what is expressed? I agree that marriage was instituted by God and was the very first long before there was Christianity.

 But this idea that the church has taken a uniquely serious and intense interest in marriage through the ages, to the point where many believe now that marriage is solely a Christian institution. If marriage is a Christian institution only, why do Muslims get married? Why do Hindus get married? And Jews?

As Christians, we believe and accept what God has ordained but to claim marriage as a Christian institution is out of context. I wonder how much else of God's Word is misunderstood.

Church AnnounceMent: Bishop Jake's Prison Rehab Program Celebrates 10 Years!

Readers, when inmates are released from prison, many don't have jobs, a place to live or family to turn to. But through a program started by Bishop T.D. Jakes of The Potter's House in Dallas, ex-offenders have been offered a new lease on life. This year, that program celebrates 10 years of fresh starts.


Bobbi Kristina Brown Has Transition From Time Into Eternity Where Time No Longer Matter.

Readers, Bobbi Kristina Brown, the 22-year-old daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown, has died. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Brown and Houston families during this hour of bereavement.

Just a quick reminder, let us enjoy the people God have given to us because one day He will require them back.

Have The Black Church Final Come To The Place Of Shoot First And Ask Question Later?

Readers, although I don't completely disagree with this pastor, I'm not totally against her either. Godly people still should also rely on the Holy Spirit, ministering angels and the Father himself for protection. Jesus didn't carry weapons, but there were many specifically seeking to take his life.

According to new reports, on this coming, 1st Sunday in August 2015 Pastor Brenda Stevenson will take the pulpit with a gun by her side for the first time, a need realized after the Charleston shooting, something she believes might have been stopped if someone inside could have fired back. Preaching from the tattered pages of her Bible to a congregation clinging to her every word the pastor of New Outreach Christian Center will soon be armed with something other than the word of God.

Fix It Jesus: Porn Star Exposes Pastors Who Are Always On Her Porn Site!

Readers, I don't know what to think about this, I'm at a loss for words.  This actress took to her Facebook page last week, crying out that preachers should leave her alone with her porn-style life. According to her, preachers keep visiting her porn website to preach to her about the kingdom of God and Jesus.

“Before you enter my inbox telling me to repent and preaching to me how Jesus loves me and died for me, please look at me well. I am a Christian, I praise and worship my God and his son, Jesus Christ, always, and I know they love me, protect, provide for me and my children, you don’t need to tell me.”  
According to her, she doesn't understand what business the so-called men of God have to do with a porn site. She says they leave her messages after surfing through all the pornographic adult stuffs on her site “Some people even take the pain to register at my websites, spend time looking at all the unclad people before starting their preaching.

Let me warn you, my new …

Salute To Young Sandra Annette Bland!

Readers, the funeral for Sandra Bland, the outspoken 28-year-old Chicago-area woman who died in a Texas jail cell almost two weeks ago, was held yesterday in Lisle, Illinois, the Chicago suburb where she grew up. Friends, family, and spectators gathered for the wake at 9 a.m. followed by the funeral at 11 a.m.

The service was held at DuPage African Methodist Episcopal Church, where private cameras were not allowed. Church officials say over a 1,000 people was expected to attend. Sandra Bland, was the bold young civil rights activist found dead in a Texas jail cell, was remembered as a courageous fighter for social justice.

The service was held a day after an autopsy report was released, which found that Bland, 28, used a plastic bag to hang herself three days after her controversial traffic stop July 10. Her family has raised questions about the findings, saying she was about to start a new job that she was excited about and that it is unlikely that she would have taken her own life.

Bring Me My Big Black Belt: God Saved Me From Homosexuality But, Now I Need Your Money To Help Me Stay Straight???

Readers, why do you need money to be straight? Folks really are abusing GOFUNDME.   Here is a woman who went from gay to straight, who has now started a GOFUNDME to help her stay straight. Chelsie claims it may have taken her 21 years to embrace her feminine side, but she thank God she did.

It's Been Almost 5 Years: Why Have Some In The Christian Community Not Forgiven Bishop Eddie Long, While Others Have?

Readers, we in the church love to punish people. The punishment and hate for Bishop Eddie L. Long are one prime example of that. I found the below video on my timeline yesterday of Bishop Eddie L. Long preaching at Bishop Jakes church just last year.  I was surprised by the following question which has gotten people all stirred up and mad:

"So how do you forgive someone when every fiber of your being resists? Why is it that in the Christian community there are some who are more forgiving toward Bishop Long, then others?"
This coming September will have been five years since the shocking story of homosexual allegations was leveled against one of the world's most popular and controversial televangelists, Bishop Eddie Long of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Lithonia, Georgia.

According to the many comments under the video clip below and on my timeline, Bishop Eddie Long is still an embarrassment to the church in every way imageable. Also, Bishop Jakes is being attack…

What The Heck Is Christian Erotica?

Let the Church say AMEN! Readers, erotica is experiencing a very big comeback. What does this mean for Christians? I just read this article last night and I'm guessing from the article that it's time to tie the gospel to porn. Heck, why not, the gospel in the last year have been linked with trap music, the club and now porn. Former first lady and author DiShan Washington of  The Preacher's Wifey and Diary of a Mad First Lady shared her views about sex and she didn't cut no corners.

 Ms. Washington basically said that women in marriages are boring which ultimately ruined her marriage due to the old schools principals she learned from her mother and grandmother about what a wife should or should not do during sex or in their sex life. DiShan feels that married women need to be more freaky behind closed doors because it's nothing wrong at all with sex and compensating greatly in the bedroom with your spouse. DiShan Washington is a former pastor's wife and current…

Lord Have Mercy Pastor E. Dewey Smith Jr Just Call The Black Church Out?!?!?!

Readers, the moment it got real in the Black Church.  Pastor E. Dewey Smith Jr. is a bold man for this sermon, but his words were needed.  I love me some E. Dewey Smith Jr. I love how he works the Word. According to pastor Smith we live under the New testament and love is the message of Christ, not the scare tactics some use.A powerful word for us all to look at ourselves. Great preacher, love his singing also.
"You can't evangelize and antagonize at the same time" Now that will preach!

Breaking News: COGIC Convention Signs New Deal To Stay In St. Louis.

Readers, despite concerns about the events in Ferguson last year, the Church of God in Christ Convention will return to St. Louis. The annual event brought nearly 28,000 people to the area last year, and over the past half-decade, it's led to millions in spending in the region.

Last November, the presiding bishop told the governor he wasn't sure if the convention would return unless there were systemic changes in police tactics. COGIC's new deal will keep them in St. Louis through the year 2019.

Karen Clark Sheard Hopes To Reach The Club Culture With New Album?!?!?

Readers, Karen Clark Sheard veteran gospel music songstress, talks being more than a singer and reaching club culture with new album. Ms. Karen, who has been in the gospel music industry for over 40 years and is showing no signs of slowing down with her sixth album, Destined to Win, hope to be remembered for more than what she has done on stage. Source:

Church AnnounceMent: Apostle Fredrick K.C.Price Celebrating 25 Years Of Faith, Family & Fellowship.

Readers, the Crenshaw Christian Center in Los Angele, will celebrate their silver anniversary on July 28-30, 2015, in their annual three-day convention in the place where it all began in 1990, on the grounds of Crenshaw Christian Center in Los Angeles.

For their 25-year anniversary, FICWFM has created specialty coins and a bronze key chain to support their silver anniversary. Each custom minted coin and bronze key chain is handcrafted with the finest materials by skilled artist and sculptors, resulting in a finished piece that will serve as a lasting and a timeless keepsake for you, the donor. All proceeds will be used to sponsor the 25th-anniversary convention.

Bring Me My Big Black Belt: Pastors, Church Members Fight In Church!

Readers, what a doggone shame and a public disgrace to the body of Christ. According to online reports, two Nigeria pastors and their loyalists engaged in a free-for-all fist fight yesterday. The two pastors and their supporters fought over who should take control of the parish.  The Enugu state police command had to lock up the Mount Street Parish of Assemblies of God Church.

Thank You Bishop Paul Morton:

Readers, FGBC newly appointed Presiding Bishop Joseph Walker 3, 2nd Presiding Bishop D S Brister, 3rd Presiding Bishop L Lawrence Brandon, Executive Secretary Lester Love and Executive Treasurer Bishop M V Kelsey.

 Have taken to social media to salute and thank Bishop Paul S. Morton for his 22 years of visionary leadership, sacrificial giving, and sensitivity to the voice of God. We honor you in your retirement as Presiding Bishop, and will always celebrate you as our founder. 

Question: Why Is Bishop-Elect Marvin L. Winans Not A Bishop??

Readers, so I get an email today from one of my dear readers who wish to remain anonymous, wanting to know why Bishop-Elect Marvin L.Winans having been appointed to the office of Bishop but not yet ordained? I don't have a clue! So can someone please help this anonymous reader??

A Church Own The World Largest Privately-owned Aquarium?

Readers, the priorities of most churches today are definitely off. Below is a video of an aquarium at a church in Dallas, TX. It's located at the entrance to the sanctuary of the church. It was part of a $40 million project that, itself, was about $3 million. There're 3 full-time staff members, including a Marine Biologist, that maintains the aquarium.

This is the world’s largest privately-owned aquarium!   Inspiring Body of Christ Church (IBOC) in Dallas, TX. The 75,000-gallon 70 ft long, 18-ft-high saltwater aquarium contains more than 80 species of fish. 3 full-time marine biologists and 6 certified dietrists care for the tank, with at least 1 person being on site at all times. The 300+ fish in the tank are worth over 100,000 dollars. The aquarium alone cost $4,700,000 to design, build, & stock. (The church was actually built around the aquarium!)Your thoughts?

Prophet Brian Carn "Pay Per View Live Event"!

Readers, the voice of God is the most important part of our relationship with God. The heart of every relationship is communication. If  you or I can’t hear the voice of God then we have no true relationship with God, point blank. According to (google) Prophet Brian Carn will present "THE VISITATION CONFERENCE 2015," in Jackson, Mississippi, August 7-8. I'm assuming the Prophet "Message To The Nation", on Saturday night will be streaming by way ofPay Per View while, the other pastors will be televised by Daystar TV. Do I have that right?

Throwback Sunday Sermonette:

Readers, today's sermonette comes from one of my favorite, preacher/teacher/pastor Dr. E.Dewey Smith, Jr of the Greater Travels Rest Baptist Church of Decatur, GA preaching "It's My Time." May God bless you through this sermon and give you hope of a better day to come.

Why First Lady Sarah???

Readers, it's kind of disappointing to see a new generation of senior pastors wives who are allowing  titles to define them.  Usually, the first lady of the church is uppity, at least that's the perception that is given off.   I was hoping this first lady trend would die out with the next church generation...but I guess not. To me, this creates an aura that a person is better than another or has a sense of royalty. This is why the black church is having so many problems now is because of this Primadonna attitude that our community has created. Bottom line, just role your sleeves up and do God’s work. We need to be transforming mind’s and hearts, not titles.   In my opinion, there is no such thing as a First Lady or First Gentleman when it comes to the Word of God. They are fabricated, idealistic titles that have invaded Black church culture.

Fix It Jesus: Russell Wilson Claim He Wants Prayer Because He Burning With "L U S T" For Ciara?!?

Readers, frankly I'm tired of Russell Wilson and his foolishness. If you claim to be a real Christian who doesn't believe in sex before marriage then pray to God so you can find yourself a wife who shares your same beliefs.There is no doubt whatsoever that lust is wrong and is equated in God’s eyes with adultery since God looks at the heart.

Matthew 5:27-28 says, “You have heard that it was said, ‘YOU SHALL NOT COMMIT ADULTERY’; but I say to you that everyone who looks at a woman with lust for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart.” Lust is an illicit desire and appetite that is indulged and fed as one looks at another person selfishly and with covetousness. It is not good enough to simply refrain from actually engaging in sexual immorality with another person, but a person must also guard his or her heart from dwelling on wrong desires and the mind from feasting on wrong thoughts.

 I really think he and she should keep their personal life private, I underst…

In My Opinion, Franklin Graham Is Spreading Xenophobia At A Time We Should Be Emphasizing Love For All!

Readers, Franklin Graham is really a piece of work.  I don't know if I've seen anything loving or compassionate ever said about him. In all honesty, I believe he is one of the biggest bigots under the umbrella of Christianity. Yesterday, Graham posted the above ugly message to his Facebook page.This bigot really think, our response to the shooting of four Marines by a young man from a Muslim family is to bar *all* Muslims from immigrating to our country. I find that idea so darn stupid.  What happened in Chattanooga Thursday is tragic and an act of terrorism. Prayers with all of the families. But let us also not forget that extremism comes in many forms including words such as this from Graham that ignite division and hate.

According To Pastor James F. Miller Sandra Bland Was An Active Member Of DuPage AME Church For 18 Years!

Readers, once again the AME church is in the spotlight. Pastor James F. Miller, who pastored young activists Sandra Bland have compose the following letter to the community:

 To our great sorrow and bewilderment, twenty-eight-year-old, Sandra Bland, an active young adult who grew up in our church family, has passed. Sandy was in the custody of authorities in Waller County Texas, after being stopped for a routine traffic violation. She died while in their custody. As her church family, we mourn. In tribute to the vibrant young person Sandy was as a member of DuPage AME Church for 18 years, this Sunday, July 19th, at 10am, we will have a "Prayer Walk" around the church grounds as a public expression of unity and a desire for justice in her case along with so many others.

A Petition Signing to urge a comprehensive investigation with integrity regarding the circumstances surrounding her death will occur in conjunction with the walk. Please stay in prayer for her family, our chu…

Sunday Best Welcomes Ricky Dillard And The Past Sunday Best Season Winners!


Once Again Social Media Is Upset With Dr. Cornel West This Time For Attacking Young Writer Ta-Nehisi Coates!

Readers, Cornel West took to his Facebook page yesterday to deliver a blistering takedown of Ta-Nehisi Coates, whose new book, Between the World and Me, came out this week. Mr. West seemed to take issue particularly with Toni Morrison’s endorsement of the book—which addresses the issue of race in America in the form of a letter to Mr. Coates’ son—and the fact that she had compared Mr. Coates to our generation’s James Baldwin.

Check out some of the comments that were left on Dr. West page, especially the two below.

"Dr. West, I love you and respect your contributions, but this obsession to tear down or dismiss any of our brilliantly talented brothers and sisters just because they don't join you in your opposition to President Obama is too much. For the sake of your legacy and for all the contributions you have yet to make, please reconsider. and change course or I fear you may be relegated to a punch line, a byword or worse, billcosbied: someone once revered and respected in t…