What The Hell!! Is 1st Lady Erica Campbell About To Collaborate With K Michelle?

Lord have mercy "Readers" according to social media the queen of "Trap Gospel" 1st lady  Erica Campbell has agreed to team up with R&B sweetheart K. Michelle for a remix of some sort....but the news of such a collaboration is not going over so well with many of 1st lady Campbell fans.

1st lady Campbell is getting lots of negative flack over the announcement of her working with the R&B singer K. Michelle. Seems like all the negative comments have forced 1st lady Campbell to put her account on lock down.

 “Guess who’s about to do a remix song together,” said K. Michelle, featuring a photo of the gifted singers standing side by side. “So great seeing you tonight lady!” 
Social media comments:
 Shouldn't  have never made the announcement about the collaboration that way it wouldn't have been no room for judgment. 
 It's official that Erica Campbell is not gospel and should not be recognized as a gospel artist. How you trying to minister to people through music and you work with people who do not sing gospel and aren't trying to minister to people as well. K Michelle cusses and everything in her music and she's doing a remix with her. If it wasn't apparent that Erica isn't truly trying to sing to minister gods word before it's definitely more apparent now.  
What if this is a ‘GOD intended’ effort to bring deliverance, heal the broken, save the lost??? Goodness people, STOP IT!” The Erica advocate continued, “Jesus wasn’t supposed to talk the lady (who was a whore) at the well, but he did!!!! And it resulted in a whole city getting converted and saved.”


  1. That last comment... Smh. I can't...
    I don't know what to say about this so.... I'm stuck.... That is all.

  2. Gospel artists aren't making enough money on gospel music alone, so they have to crossover in order to make a decent living. Its a catch 22 though because there are no guarantees & they may wind up alienating all of their true fans by going too far out of the box trying to add new ones.

  3. I agree with the last part of the article . I don't see anything wrong with her recording with K..Michelle . Its like people want Erica to be in this box of what they think a christian should l be . We all fall down and are getting back up everyday by the grace of God. What is she suppose to do, stay behind the walls of the church and not go out and share her the gift of God with those who may not be saved . What if K. Michelle looking for God and Erica is a vessel that God chooses to use and Christians are mad, why ? You don't have to go along to get along and minister to people.

    1. It's really no time for anyone to fall away from Jesus within that moment Jesus can come and your stuck here in the affiars of this world we need to take Jesus Serious

  4. I don't care what they say....there is No Mixing in the Kingdom....Trap Gospel is not The Gospel of the Kingdom...period.

    I've tried to believe in her but this trap song closed my door....now this collaboration makes me wanna throw away the key. Out of order

  5. 1st lady ?? is she married to the POTUS ? If not, she's Mrs. Erica Campbell wife of Pastor Campbell.

    All these made up titles. I wish I would call some pastors wife 1st lady.

  6. Thank you...they need to get over themselves. ...Michael isn't going to bring her in her circle unless she is comfortable around Mrs.Campbell. ...people of God it is a spiritual thing.....let a true believer fee led with the Holy Spirit try to mingle with Michael. ..all hell will break loose. ..didn't those demons that was in the men try to kill our savior when he was being born...satan knows Gods true children and knows who's not.....Campbell. I'd a performer she is not anointed. ...black people think everything and everybody. is anointed. ...I think they ust like saying it....#readthewordforyourself

  7. People, search: first lady title origin.

    You will see it's used in the church purely for self inflated egos.


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