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The Nerve Of This Young Pastor Yelling At Rev Al Sharpton For Raising An Offering At A Black Church!??!?

Chile please you are in Shiloh Baptist Church and they raise an offering, so you mad and upset.  The length some people will go to in an all-out effort to try and muddy up the reputation and name of Rev. Al Sharpton is down right amazing,for me.  All the hard work these haters have put in throughout the years has not swayed Rev.Al's supporters one iota. This young man "claim" that he challenged Rev. Al Sharpton Saturday night after Rev. Al asked people at a rally to donate $100 to his civil rights organization, National Action Network (NAN). It's obvious this young man is not familiar with the construct of the black church and the community.

First of all to the folks who have said,  Rev. Al was out of order in trying to raise an offering for his organization when he asked for an offering after a rally Saturday night. He was not! This is typical practice within the construct of the Black church community. I grew up in this environment and believe me this is not a big deal.  That's why ain't nobody talking about it but right wing media. Rev. Al's National Action Network caters mostly to the black community. So, for him to ask for a donation ain't no big thing.   For all those who don't know that within the construct of the black church raising an offering is a proper protocol. The Black Church can and will take up ten offerings in one service if they so chose to do so and make you feel guilty for only giving in the regular tithes and offerings. You can by choice chose to spend more money in church on any given time than you do in the grocery store if you so chose to do so.

I love Rev. Al well-written blog response to this foolishness. His analysis is 100% correct, yet we all know that there are those, so filled with hate, they will attack the reverend no matter what he says. And there are also those that will attack the reverend to divert from the good he is trying to see accomplished.
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  1. Hahaha! the money is what got him all riled up, upset annoyed and irritated. You can tell from his complaint he's not been in a black church.

    1. Bessie the right wing media is lapping this none sense up.

  2. Ms. Ann one of the greatest gifts in the body of Christ(The BLACK Church) is to learn how to raise an offering in a service or a conference without manipulation. Young dude got a lot to learn.

  3. You'll get a lot to learn,what does Al do for the people but start a lot of mess and run off after the stories dies down...

    1. I don't go to bat like that for any human with breath in his lungs since we are all fallible sinful beings. I especially think Al Sharpton is a sneak and a fraud who has done a minimal amount to help the black community. If he's a true "Reverend", why not raise money to end hunger in the black community, create jobs, PREACH THE GOSPEL...REV?! He's had many sketchy allegations against him also. Exhibit A: http://www.villagevoice.com/news/pols-press-party-with-sharpton-and-his-corrupt-network-6698098
      I don't condone people being disrespectful, but Al Sharpton is out for self. He really ain't thinking about really fixing the issues that much. Its not a political issue so much as its an issue of his shaky track record and questionable character.

    2. Well,Calledtocontend I'm from the era that understand and appreciate what Rev.Al Sharpton have done in bringing awareness to a people and community.

    3. I like Rev. Al Sharpton. "Nothing changes unless it's pushed."
      Moreover, no group can achieve progress by remaining silent on issues that desperately need attention (e.g., issues regarding race). Moderation and complacency have no place in the fight against injustice.

    4. Exactly Ann, Al Sharpton has been on the frontline for many a year fighting for justice for black people.

      Those that criticize usually don't have a solution nor are they truly a soldier for the cause. They just listen to what FOX spews forth, which is usually lies or half twisted truths filled with racism.

    5. And Creflo asked for the donation of a 65 million dollar jet; what you call him???? What do you ask your congregation for??? Don't say nothing! You are being used to cut the legs off of sombody actuall making a difference! If Sharpton is pimping anything it's MSMBC not the people! I see and know what he's doing! What are yu doing; by the way??????

  4. If America would have dealt with racism squarely and with authentic humanity there would be no existence of Al Sharpton(s). I'm not saying Al Sharpton is the greatest guy in the world, but the propensity amongst Americans to not face squarely America's racial past and present, breeds those who will posture themselves as fighting against racism, for whatever alleged reasons.

  5. Al is a snake in the grass. ..please! Take those cameras away abd I'll bet you he want give a homeless man 5 bucks. ..and if he's a a Rev.why does he go along with Obama on same sex ...I'm sure you'll will explain it all away...can't worship God and the devil...

  6. Why do the good Rev. Have to take the folks money when he's getting over 6 figures from CNN and making 6 figures through his network

  7. he is a wolf in sheep's clothing he wouldn't know the gospel of Jesus Christ if Jesus Christ himself smack him in the face with the Bible.I have never once heard the Reverend Al Sharpton preach the cross of Calvary I have never once heard him tell people that they are wretched sinners in need of a savior he needs to repent and beg the truth Savior Jesus Christ to forgive him


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