Prophetess Belinda Scott Upset Over The Cancellation Of The Reality Show 'Preach'!

Prophetess Belinda Scott took to her Facebook page to let off steam over the possible cancellation of her Lifetime show 'PREACH.'

"You all have to understand this type of pain and attackers are coming from people I know and have known, if they had a problem with it, why not come to me or inbox me or call me, write me a letter. Why sign petitions and say these women are not prophetic or ministry minded, but ask me to preach at my church??"


  1. Well....I bet her grammar teacher is offended at her writing. Here ma'am.... Have a seat _/

  2. I have a couple of points.

    A true minister of the gospel would not go ballistic over a cancelled TV show.
    No one has stopped her from preaching the gospel (if you want to call what she does preaching THE GOSPEL")
    If you truly want to reach people and spread the word, a canceled TV show won't stop you.

    Belinda Scott like many other pastors seem to think that questioning or inquiring about a pastors motives, decisions or choices is considered AN ATTACK.
    Instead of trying to address concerns she (and the other ACTORS) plays the victim.

    Would she really answer questions and concerns if someone sent a message to her?

    And YES, have a seat


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