Lord Have Mercy What In The World Is Going On With Young Prophet Manasseh Jordan?

Readers, according to the online chatter Marcus and Joni Lamb of the Daystar network have really sunk to a new low in inviting young Prophet Manasseh Jordan to take part in last night's telethon. Last night DayStar Television Network continued their Heart for the World telethon, which they welcome special guests young Prophet Manasseh Jordan and Dr Jamal Bryant.

For those who don't know who Manasseh Jordan is, Daystar included the following bio on their website:

 He's a Christian minister currently based in Boston. He has been involved in Christian Ministry all his life. As a Christian, he believes and testifies that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and there is no other way to salvation than through Him. His ministry and his life are based on this belief. Prophet Manasseh appears weekly on BET’s Morning Inspiration.

 Beyond his unprecedented accomplishments at an early age, he is an inspirational speaker and entrepreneurial wiz. The message he carries is often referred to a REAL and RELEVANT. Prophet Manasseh brings a very strong biblical message to his listeners. The message that he delivers is also clear, concise and life-changing to those it touches. Tonight on Heart for the World, Manasseh Jordan will be speaking on the topic of recovery, focusing on the scriptures of 1st Samuel 30:1-8 and Genesis 8:22.


  1. Mrs.Ann the word of God says how can two walk tougher unless they agree......Amen! moving on.....

  2. What the hellll is that sprouting from the top of his head ? Lookin' like a Michael Jackson wannabe. No, Michael never look that crazy.

    Jesus please take back the church and it's so called preachers, 'cause these folks ain't it .

  3. So called Christian t.v. is going downhill faster and faster. Maybe even some of those who sill hang onto this stuff, will finally see thru it.

  4. Day star is TBN's baby sister...that's saying a lot...you will know the tree by the fruit it bares. ...people of God there are sheep and goats....they chose to serve that almighty dollar instead of Almighty God......Next

  5. And that boy get more fruits in his loop then Kelloggs.....Next

  6. That hairdo.... He looks like he shopped for that shrug at Michael Jackson's estate sale. I'm done... Lol

  7. That hair look like male turkeys during mating season.....,So hes early because if I'm not mistaken mating season don't start until October late November. ..

  8. Why does this fool have a quails Plume on top of his head.
    (For you sci-if fans) He got that look from Chris Tucker in the movie "The 5th Element". Trust me, do an image search.

    And if Jamal Bryant wants to be taken seriously as a leader of the representative of the gospel he needs to stop sharing the stage with Juanita Bynum and Manasseh Jordan.

    1. It looks more like the hair of one of movie critics from In Living Color segment with David Allen Grier and Damon Wayon .... (remember "hated it')

  9. Well cop Jamal is just as bad if not worst. ..Have you ever seen a crow flock with pigeons. ....birds of a feather flocks together.....I'm over these self gratifying. egotistical freaks......#Its all about Jesus!


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