Forget The Church Usher Board It's Time For The Local Church To Hire Trained "ARMED" Security Guards???

I never ever thought the day would come when I would be advocating, erecting metal detectors at all church entrances along with trained armed security guards in the church house. I have changed my mind about the church taking up arms to protect itself from the evils of this world. After what just happen in Charleston SC and the suspected gunman later arrested after being captured by police. I believe that God expects us to be prepared and to protect ourselves from the evils of this world.


  1. Some churches already have security teams that will rival the secret service. I'm ALL for it!!!!!

  2. Anonymous, I'm with you...I work directly with leadership so I know who's packing.(guns)..and it's been this way for quite some time. Even at bible study...My heart goes out to all the victims in South Carolina...However, it was one shooter my take is he shot the men 1st...because if we gonna die we mind as well go down fighting that's my frame of mind anyway..
    I also looked at this at another pair of lens as well..the bible declare he will reveal the plans of the enemy...
    As long as I have been in ministry I believed the Lord will reveal the plans of the enemy(Jer:33:3) to someone and maybe they failed to desern the time. whatever the case may be...When people say well, it was God's will....that is so far from the truth. God promised us 70 years ..yes anything after this is his shear Grace!!! .He said why die before your time...
    I'm sitting here in much pain and mourning the lost of life of my brothers and
    sisters in the lord..What gives me comfort is knowing that they are in the presence of the Almighy Eternal God...


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