Fix It Jesus:Dr. Ricky Dillard Caused A Firestorm Among His Followers!?

Wow, Mr. Dillard, will women wearing pants in the church keep them from heaven???The age old question, whether (SANCTIFIED) women should wear pants or slacks, is an issue that I honestly thought had been put to rest. But obviously it has not. There has been quite a heated disagreement going on for several years by members of COGIC in regarding women wearing pants to church. I have not been able to find ANY scripture that requires women to wear a dress to church. Early today, Dr Ricky Dillard managed to rehash that debate with the following post to his FACEBOOK page:
"Should sanctified women wear pants? Many churches don't think so. Other churches have relaxed positions on such. Will pants keep some from heaven? What say ye?"


  1. REALLY! No Ricky but homosexuality will...

  2. This debate has not died at all, and quite frankly I don't think it ever will as long as we have close minded ignorant people. My former church pastor strongly believed in women wearing pants being sinful, especially in the pulpit......smh..... She knew it was no where in the bible that forbade women in doing so, but stated that was her personal preference and she won't allow it in her church. For that reason among others that is why that is my former church. I cannot tolerate twisting scriptures and taking it out of context, to support your own personal preferences and/or convictions and forcing people to obey them or else you deem them and treat them as sinners. I just couldn't deal......Lord help!

  3. I know a couple of churches who have this same mind set...but when I look in there choirs I see gay men and sitting in the pulpit. I pay them know mind.....

  4. Traditions and doctrines of men have sent many people to hell. Women wearing pants in church is not a sin. The Church should deal with the real issues of sin! Ricky Dillard is dabbling in pure foolery! Stick to scriptures! Rightly divide the Word!

  5. I can't say Ricky is gay but the things Ricky wear and do are gay....he's on his facebook page promoting Eddie Long. ..but he's concerned about pants when Eddie couldn't keep his up......


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