Fix It Jesus: Saddleback Church Raising $71 Million For Its Largest Expansion,Since Operation!

Readers, maybe it's time to take away non-profit tax exemption? Saddleback Church has launched what they are calling its largest and most ambitious plan ever to expand the mega-church’s ministry. Pastor Rick Warren describes The Daring Faith Campaign as the church’s most faith-stretching, world-impacting and God-honoring plan in 35 years.

 “I’m going to stretch your faith, I’m going to challenge it,” Warren told his flock at the campaign’s launch 10 weeks ago. “We don’t grow in comfort. Growth is often uncomfortable. The result is blessing, maturity and answered prayers.”


  1. Miss Ann, since you feel that non-profit tax exempt statuses should be revoked as a result of Saddleback's fundraiser, should the same apply to Pastor Creflo Dollar and World Changers Church International for raising nearly the same amount for a new jet?

    1. Mike, I've become a lot more receptive to the idea of taxing churches.

    2. Miss Ann I asked you a simple "yes" or "no" question :)

  2. I have to hit this in two parts.

    First the comparison.

    CREFLO wants 65 million dollars From his people to buy HIMSELF (cause you know he will be the only one using it) a jet to travel the world for HIM TO PREACH.

    Rick wants to raise close to the same money to

    Build a mini-college for art, music and seminary

    Reach out to small tribes in Africa, South America, China and Russia.

    They will mobilize members to bring the gospel to those who never heard it.

    So Rick
    A College, members Reaching out to places to spread the gospel.


    1. Cop are you one of those pastors across the country who thought Warren was the best thing to happen to the Christian church in decades - he and his "Purpose Drive Life" mantra?

    2. Not at all.
      Rick Warren is just more polite about it.

  3. How much has Rick Warren given..Better yet, how much money does he have??? How much is his home or homes worth?? This man loves money and the world just as much as Creflo Dollar and the rest of the bunch do....He is also the one who comes up with Chrislam....Islam plus his type of false Christianity.. Do not trust this man...He is a false prophet......according to GOD'S HOLY WORD..

  4. Cop, I always respect the way you explain things but do you really believe Rick Warren is going to use the money for that...They are all crooks!! Its for his ego...there are so many people out here suffering from hunger and homelessness...JESUS was not building. Jesus accomplished more than these wolves have with there mega churches and jets... ..where is the cross in all of this?


    There are big companies that don't make as much money as these Mega churches, and unlike the churches these companies REPORT WHERE the money goes.

    The mega church pastor will leave his house in a GATED community, drive his Bentley to church, and preach in a 4 thousand dollar suit and BEG FOR MONEY to expand the parking lot without telling the people how the money is REALLY being used.


    Here is a view of what some members have done and are doing to help raise money.
    "In the past campaigns, members have cut back on spending, CANCELING VACATIONS and major purchases to give more to the church. Some have even dipped into retirement funds, LIFE INSURANCE and DOWN-SIZED their homes using EQUITY to help with donations"

    Can you image. "Sorry honey we can't pay for your college, but you will get a smaller bedroom because we have to down size to help the church raise money"

    If you tax these churches and make them report where every dime goes, there will be a lot fewer pastors feeding off of church members to support their extravagant lifestyle.

  6. Sorry I was trying imply that Rick was untouchable, I just wanted to show how even more despicable CREFLO was asking for money.

    Rick Warrens purpose given BRAND has its own faults.

  7. Thanks for explaining cop,oh Lord! We thought we lost you for a minute

  8. The Lord Jesus Himself said that it is impossible to serve God and money. You will either hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. If we believe the Bible is the truth then it should be clear who these churches are serving God or money? The whole starting point is wrong, with more money we can reach more and more people. It's always about the Holy Spirit working through people to reach other people. Money is only a means, never the goal and should always be subordinate to the Ministry. If God gives you an assignment He will always provide in every way for it. I feel sad for these people, why do they give men just like them so much power?

  9. Leave those Churches alone Church's not being taxed helps out a lot. Also yall only looking at the top 1 w crazy money not the other 99% who struggle even w out paying taxes. Also FYI Rick Warren doesnt take salary from his Church at all and reverse tithes meaning he gives 90% and only keeps 10% (gets his income from books etc). And his preaching is LEGIT! It is sound doctrinally speaking UNLIKE Crefflo. Just saying!!!


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