Fix It Jesus: The Growing Confusion Within The Church Body, Women Dressing Like Men While Starting Churches?!?!

I don't get it! Someone email me the above flyer and ask what I thought about this growing trend in the South?  Readers, if yawl remember I made mention of this trend last year (here). It seems like Gay affirming Churches are popping up all over the country, especially in the South, with women in leadership roles dressed like men.   The couple in the above and below flyer believe they heard God call them to preach and started a church so they have acted on what they believe they heard and started these churches, via the instruction of God.

From my, research (google) these folks actually believe that they are right in what they are doing.  I read somewhere that they have about 40 or so members. In my opinion, that's a growing number. Both couples are teaching out of a hotel I believe, I'm wondering will churches like this continue to grow larger as the pot continues to simmer surrounding the Gay issue? Some folks believe Atlanta, Jacksonville and New Orleans are the obvious gay meccas of the deep south. Is this true?  What do yawl think, will this particular trend continue in the years to come for the Deep South?  Will we see more of this kind of church leadership in our future?


  1. The South have always been screwed up.

  2. The world is going to hell, and the only thing that God has left (the praises) is depleting. More and more do we, and will continue to see the gay and lesbians....over the praise and worship team, church music directors, over the coir and the so on and so on. Time is coming to an end.

  3. Who cares, if you are a real Christian and a reader and believer of the Word. Romans, Chapter1, explicitly, tells of these times. It states some male and female with give themselves over to a "Reprobate Mind." Men loving men and women loving women. Abusing the natural use of their bodies. But in Chapter 2 of Romans, it tells us not to judge this behavior. Therefore, I believe God wants us to know that when we see an increase in this homosexual, REPROBATE MIND, behavior, it is "A SIGN" of "LAST DAYS" for this generation. Therefore, it is imperative that people Repent, Get Saved, Study and find yourself approved, for the Spiritual coming of our Lord, Jesus the Christ. False prophets are abound in these days. Therefore, you must, personally, know the Bible equal to or better than those who proclaim to be ministers and preachers. These are "LAST DAYS"! Make sure your body,Mind, Soul, Heart, and Spirit is filled is filled with the Word and teachings of our Lord, Jesus the Christ.


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