Fix It Jesus: Couple Say They Were Banned From Church By Pastor On Social Media!

Readers this couple say they were banned from church through Facebook. "Christina says they stopped tithing to the church a year ago and instead gave money to other ministries and nonprofits, a decision she claims caused tension between the couple and church leaders. 'The only issue that they had they’d ever come to us about is tithing,' she said."


  1. Tithing is enough to get you booted out smh.... These wolves never cease to amaze me.

    1. My FORMER pastor shunned my husband and I because we stop tithing, and that was due to the fact we could not give because we were financially struggling and if we gave we would either be evicted, sitting in the dark somewhere with our lights cut off, no food and necessities for us and our kids, etc.....She would throw shade at us indirectly from the pulpit and anybody else who did not comply with her legalistic standards. God started dealing with us and growing us in the truths of his Word, and we knew it was better to take care of our family than to give to the church so they could keep their lights on. God opened our eyes and we haven't looked back. My mom and other close relatives and friends still attend there, and complain about the pastor's controlling and crazy ways, but haven't left yet I believe out of fear. It angers and hurts me, but all I can do is pray for them, but I'm not looking back! Following Jesus and Fearing Him Only.

  2. God is exposing them....

  3. Call and ask the Pastor to explain himself, you can't get to him, but the receptionists are quick to talk and take messages he'll never get. God will set things straight, they have no need to repent, they've done nothing wrong. The pastor needs to repent, as this is sad that he would wound thosecwho leave his church


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