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California Become The First State In America To Legally Recognize A Third Gender!

Reader what y'all think? California Gov. Jerry Brown has signed into law legislation that recognizes a third gender option for driver’s licenses and birth certificates. Gender is no longer either male or female, according to the state of California. ‘It means that when somebody looks at my license, it’s not going to be as confusing to them.’ Gov. Jerry Brown on Sunday signed into law legislation that recognizes a third gender option for driver’s licenses and birth certificates. Starting in 2019, Californians will be able to identify themselves as not just male or female, but “nonbinary.” The bill was one of many Brown left to the last day of the Oct. 15 deadline to either sign or veto.


The CHURCH Must Stop Winking And Covering Up The Abuse Of Preachers Who Are Beating Their Wives!

Readers check this out. Diane Grimble has taken to social media to tell  her story....she was married to an 'Archbishop' who was abusing her for 3-4 years.  She finally got out of that relationship and is sharing what she suffered at the hands of this so-called "Man Of God" including all the WARNING SIGNS she missed prior to & during the marriage. Her story is riveting! Ms. Grimble said her husband found her on Facebook.


In my book that is soon to be published. I am the fourth wife that endured much pain. The 3 prior wives departed the marriage in silence with no history of the man was revealed. Their experience helped no one...not even me. As for Mr...it will worth it all if it helps one person avoid this pain. You will read the 12 warning signs that occurred in the first year of marriage. Friday I will post # 13 which will help you see the God in me that only rendered compassion in a bad situation. God kept my heart pure inspite of. HONEYMOON begins!


  1. Miss Grimble, there was a clue that the man wasn't RIGHT ...... 3 previous wives ???? and you were the 4th.

    Go sit down. You knew something wasn't right. signs because you just wanted to be married (and to a preacher) and you IGNORED the signs.

    This is what happens.

  2. Its hard respond to anonymous comment so I won't try. But for the record I was preaching way before Mr. Grimble. As for being married. I been there done that. I'm not desperate. God bless. Next time reveal yourself or go sit down.


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