Stop It Ain't No Christian Being Bullied!!

 "Are Christians the only group of people who cannot identify themselves publicly in this country? Are we the only voices who cannot speak?" Graham asked in a Facebook post on Monday. "I guess this group would've tried to court martial George Washington when he prayed at Valley Forge! Come on —whose civil liberties are really being infringed on here? They want to bully Christians into silence," he added. Source:
 With over 70 million Christians in America and they are being 'bullied into silence?" Gimme a 'darn' break. If we Christians are being silent it's because we want to be silence. Again this is backwards. In my opinion religious folks like Franklin Graham and others are getting upset because their ability to shove their hateful religious views down other people's throats is slowly being frowned on.


  1. Hateful religious views?

  2. China has bulldozed churches down to the ground,

    North Korea locks Christians away with no indication of a release,

    Some of the middle eastern countries behead Christians for sport.

    Now tell me Mr. Franklin, how are Americans Christians being bullied?

    1. Right on COP! Until the slaughter of the Christians takes place in this country because of their faith then don't talk to me about persecution. I'm thinking Christianity is represented by its own (conservative Christian) media and "mainstream" media by its most unattractive adherents. It's pretty clear why "mainstream" media picks politically extreme conservative Christians to represent "the Christian viewpoint" (as if there was a single viewpoint).

  3. I do think there is a bit of an antichristian atmosphere in America. It is safe to joke about Christians but not muslims or buddhists. TV shows are always inserting jokes into programming and in my opinion is an almost below radar effort to minimilize Christ. Even as it relates to homosexuality and views about it. Christians are almost not allowed to stand on the word/Bible.

    I will admit some Christians are hateful and not walking or speaking in love when asked about issues like homosexuality but not every Christian is hateful. Yet we all get lumped in to that category. I feel there is an anti-Christian air circulating through the US.

  4. Anonymous I agree there is real persecution of Christians in the world but in my opinion it is not in America. In actuality, this made up persecution Franklin Graham is pushing is distracting, offensive, and insulting to those who face real persecution for their faith. Which in my opinion just so happen is not in America.


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