Question From COGIC Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake: "What Can We Do As Followers Of Christ To Restore Faith?"

Readers, what do you think about that question? COGIC Presiding Bishop Charles E.Blake posted the above question along with the below comment to his Facebook page yesterday and it wasn't long before the finger pointing started. Most of the comments seem to point toward church leadership:
 "Over the past several years, the Christian population in America has drastically dropped. What are your thoughts as to why this is happening?"

There are many reasons, but perhaps the biggest is that we are now experiencing the falling away from the original teachings of Christ and the Apostles. Our seminaries, churches, and leaders have been compromised with false teachings. They have been infiltrated by those who are determined to destroy the Christian Faith. This has not happened by accident It began in was occurring early Church but during the last one hundred years it has become well organized and is preparing for the coming false world leader. What we are seeing is the beginning of the consolidation of governments, religions, economies, etc. and it's just beginning.
Actually, we see so much corruption in our churches today. The standards, and purpose of the churches are not being carried out through Our Pastors. While the Pastors are busy competing with each other on who drives the most expensive cars or, who has the biggest church, the people who make up the church are suffering with no support from the church.
Blatant hypocrisy; particularly among right wing Christians. It appears that Christianity is utilized as a tool to manipulate the poor and middle class so that the elite rich can maintain power and wealth. Also, other Christians are too afraid to speak the truth in love, and to cry loud and spare not. There is a fear (which is not of God) of being labeled a bigot and close-minded. The path to salvation is narrow, but few are willing to take that path.


  1. It's time for real Christians to leave the church. any time you see so call Christians embracing the so called Trap Gospel and think that it's ok there is something wrong. I believe there is an awaking in the church .... A fall away from church if you will. I'm not anti Church ... But I am anti false doctrine... The world has taken over the church... Sometimes I wonder if Jesus would be welcomed if they didn't know who he was ... Too many clique's like its a country club or something... This Scripture comes to mind... 12 And Jesus entered the temple and drove out all those who were buying and selling in the temple, and overturned the tables of the money changers and the seats of those who were selling doves.
    13 And He said to them, “It is written, ‘MY HOUSE SHALL BE CALLED A HOUSE OF PRAYER'; but you are making it a ROBBERS’ DEN.”

  2. The cry against sin is so weak people have lost the Fear of God because the pastor are scared that the people won't give, some churches even allow people to have a smoking section for the smokers, leadership need to put the standard back up and we will see changes.

    1. Bessie I agree and too much money. The church is draining the people. MONEY, MONEY, MONEY... Next the sermons are so watered down. The pastors thinks they are Gods. They nor their wives work but live like kings and queens. The entertainment is too, worldly. Let us all go back to the old landmark. Put God back in service. Stop the motivational speeches and, read the word .GOD says his word is like a two edges sword. The new world preaching is feel good, back patting motivational talks...God does not work like that. False prophets galore, everybody got a word for you. A new cute clique about this is your day etc..We are the church, the bldg is just that a place where we meet. But we have to get back to GOD'S BUSINESS..HE SAYS IF HE BE LIFTED UP HE WILL DRAW ALL MEN UNTO HIM....RETURN TO THE WORD.

  3. Was this a rhetorical question? Does this man not own a Bible? That book that holds GOD's answers.? Ok, well does he have a relationship with God such that he hears direction from GOD? I guess I'm sensing the problem.


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