Preachers Of LA Call Out TLC For Not Standing With The Duggars Family, Whom They Have Exploited !??!

Pastor Deitrick Haddon, Pastor Jay Haizlip, and Pastor Wayne Chaney from Oxygen’s reality show “Preachers of L.A.,” sat down with “Extra” yesterday  to give their opinion on the Duggar family scandal, and share their thoughts on how TLC is handling the controversy. Source:


  1. These three have about as much credibility as the Duggar's, so who cares what they think. When you sell your soul to the enemy, why would you expect loyalty! Have a seat!!!

  2. Who in the hell are the "preachers of L.A".? A group of men that support men that molest little girls. Are not a group that I want telling me it is OK. That a brother can molest his sisters and get away with it. Because God said it was OK.

  3. Huhn... well coming from Chaney a self-professed sex addict and Diedrick Haddon who left his church due to a sex scandal; I really don't think they're qualified to even speak on the matter. And really, Pastors taking the side of the perpetrator instead of offering love and support to the victims. This is the ultimate form of Pastor's taking on the ways of the world, then trying to speak on behalf of God. Kind of makes you wonder what they might be hiding under the guise of the ministry. Someone needs to be calling THEM out! Presenting one face to the audience and the face of serpents and demons behind closed doors. Better read up on Revelations Pastors...the day of God's judgement will surely come.

  4. What ever happened to the church board(s) and why aren't they doing more to keep these Pastors in alignment instead of allowing them to act as a "one man show."


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