Petitioning Lifetime TV Network To CANCEL The Reality Show "Preach"!

If you are one of the folks who's believing this show will be a TRAVESTY to the Christian Community then please sign this petition.  According to the person who started this particulate petition. The women aka Prophetesses will be making a MOCKERY of the church and promoting foolish behavior that is not necessarily a true representation of the REAL power of God.


  1. I'm signing right now!

  2. If people would stop watching the junk they would cancel it. I never give ear to the junk. STOP watching Empire too. The agenda to promote acceptability to what God has called perversed is all in that show. It is not just television.

  3. Elijah LeonardFriday, 08 May, 2015

    Amen. She blows her breath on the people. Really!!! Bunch, of foolishness and self absorbed people. That's not from the Lord. People we are living in a time where you have to study the Word of God and get a clear understanding. Gods judgment will start at the Church first, stop playing with souls.

  4. I see people petitioning this show to be cancelled, talking about how "it's not of God" "He's not pleased" just judging these women of God... When all the while the same "church folk" judging are watching Love & Hip Hop, RHOA, Preacers of L.A. & Detroit, cussing after they leave the church, doing hidden things that have been exposed or yet still hidden from the world, gossiping, going to conferences, conventions, convocations busting hell wide open, living alternative lifestyles etc. What these women are doing is going back to the day of old where we took the Kingdom back out of the enemies camp, restoring order; it's time out for sugarcoating preaching its time to be BOLD in the Holy ghost & take back God's people... Look at Benny Hinn he swings his jacket & hits people with it and they come up healed, set free, delivered, look at Smith Wigglesworth His methods often involved hitting, slapping or punching the afflicted part of the body. On a number of occasions his approach to persons suffering from stomach complaints was to punch them in the stomach, sometimes with such force that it propelled them across the room. When challenged on this, his response was "I don't hit them, I hit the devil". His response to the criticism over his method of praying for the sick was "You might think by the way I went about praying for the sick that I was sometimes unloving and rough, but oh, friends, you have no idea what I see behind the sickness and the one who is afflicted".... Don't get so high and mighty you forget where you were brought from, "The righteous shall scarcely make it in; so where will the ungodly and sinner appear?"
    Y'all better be very careful what you speak against; folks are dropping dead left and right, being exposed etc for coming against God and his people.... "Touch not my anointed & do my prophets no harm" this next wave that's coming is something to behold & God is giving us a chance to get it right before it hits..... Because it's going to hit and when it does..... Smh all I can say is.... Make sure your porch is clean & brace yourself.

    1. Anonymous you sound really crazy.

    2. Ann I signed it yesterday. Thank you for sharing.

    3. I was waiting for someone to write "Touch not Gods anointed" or "Do my prophets no harm".

      No one is TOUCHING GODS ANOINTED, if you believe they are anointed.

      Canceling a TV SHOW doesn't harm REAL MINISTERS of the gospel.

      And YES. People are judging.
      If a pastor ( or prophet) wants to put their lives on blast for the world to witness on a TV show. They should expect a lot of criticisms, haters and people judging their behavior.

      You can't expect to be in the public eye and not have people both FOR and AGAINST you.

      If these preacher celebrities would focus more on showing people the sacrifice of Jesus then on themselves, people would be less likely to trash the show.

      But a show focusing on Jesus wouldn't make it to the Lifetime network.

    4. Exactly Cop! Folks kill me misquoting that scripture! I don't want any of this ratchet TV. PREACH is nothing but witchcraft and sorcery!

  5. Where are the petitions for Preachers of LA and Preachers of Detroit? There is a part of me that wonders if this petition was only put forth because the show will feature an all female cast.

    As a Christian, I know that some denominations still have very specific rules about what women in the church should and should not do. As a Christian woman, I find these rules for women troubling.

    I will not be signing the petition and I likely won't watch the show. It is the same for me with all shows that are in my opinion distasteful. When I could no longer stomach RHOA, I simply stopped watching.

    It amazes me that with all the sorrows of this world ( e.g. human trafficking in the US/world, homeless children in the US/worlf, hungry children in the US/world, people who don't even know about Jesus in the US/world, Christians being killed for being Christian, etc) there is time to focus on stopping this show.

    That there is energy/effort available for this petition says more to me about the way Christians are viewed than this show ever could.

    I hope we as Christians, and I'm including myself, will stop being distracted by the cares of this world.

  6. A bunch of crooks!!

  7. Taketa Williams is a witch. I called her out on it myself & she neglected to respond. She hails from my home town Columbus, Ohio & has others under her tutelage (Minister Aretha Tanner in TN, others in FL). I know several people personally that were her victims. Bring it on lady, I'm armed & endowed with the power of Jesus Christ.

  8. Ms. Dee I remove your comment for name calling. I don't think any one on this thread is "extremely ignorant", unless it is maybe you for being in support of this foolishness.

  9. I agree with you Anonymous most of the people who are against these Preach women are BROKE , STRUGGLING WITH NO MEMBERS AND NO POWER PREACHERS. Doing all kind of crap behind close doors.


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