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Sad, To See Another Church Close It Doors Because Of Financial Problems and Predatory Lending Practices By A Bank.

Reader according to research, on an average day in the United States, nine churches close their doors for good. This isn’t often talked about, partly because it’s not exactly breaking news. Church professionals know the trends: church membership and religious affiliation are declining. Relatively few churches are growing. It’s particularly hard to talk about your own church’s demise. It’s not easy to say what sometimes needs to be said: “It’s time for our church to close.”

Religious leaders in Bridgeport announced last Saturday that one of the biggest churches in the city was shutting down this past week.  Parish officials say the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit on Union Avenue is in foreclosure and the bank will take possession of the building. According to former Bishop Kenneth Moale's wife, the church is in need of $150,000 by this past Monday to keep the bank from foreclosing on the church.

Jesus Take The Wheel:Teacher Resigns After Book He Read To 3rd Graders Sparks Controversy!

Lord have mercy readers a North Carolina teacher faces the anger, rage, fury, wrath, outrage, ire of some parents after giving a lesson on homosexuality to a group of third graders.  Now, the teacher says he will resign at the end of the year. The incident began when Omar Currie, a 25-year-old openly gay teacher, read the book in an Efland-Cheeks Elementary School classroom in Efland, North Carolina.

The reading of the book was a response to one boy calling another boy a girl and “the term gay was used in a derogatory way,” according to Currie. “We talked about how the moral of the book was just you accept others the way they are,” Currie told ABC11. “Some of the kids said the book made them feel a little uncomfortable, and I told them that was fine.”


  1. Ann Brock I just want to let you know that I agreed with that article on isaac caree or whatever the heck his name is. Those other people just couldn't handle the truth.

  2. this man does nothing but shake his fist at God everyday and promotes a sinful lifestyle. he says not your will be done oh lord but my will be done. teaching our kids to boast about sodomized lifestyle when we should be teaching our kids to beat up on their chest and cry out have mercy on me O Lord for I am sinner. and Brock are you calling yourself a true Christian in your support for school teacher teaching kids that it's okay to be gaywhile the Christian mom and dad teaches their child what the Bible says about homosexuality that it's not okay is that what you're saying???


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