Jesus Take The Wheel: Hundreds Expected Outside Phoenix Mosque At Mohammed Cartoon Contest!??!?!

Readers, how is criticizing someone else's faith helping this man in his agenda? If people think that an Islamic center might have terrorist ties then involve the right authorities in it e.g. the Police. In my, opinion this man is just asking for a confrontation by belittling this groups prophet in front of their holy place. Then when the confrontation takes place, Muslims end up being the "terrorists".

 Don't get it twisted, I support people right to freedom of speech. It is a God-given right that I would defend at any cost. But just because it's our right to say or, in this case, draw anything we want. Is it really the right thing to do? Personal I don't know any Muslims but honestly do believe this to be wrong.



  1. If hundreds of Muslims with guns surrounded a church or synagogue like the Phoenix Mosque protesters, there would be a different discussion.


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