Bishop Jake's: We Cannot Integrate And Discriminate At The Same Time And Call It Justice!

I approve this message but in all honesty the person during the interviewing is part of the problem in my opinion.


 In this excellent interview by Bishop Jake to CBN he speaks truth to an issue, not to a race or color. Poverty and lack of respect don't discriminate based on either.   The interviewer in my opinion asked some really stupid questions that are in my opinion also a big part of the problem... 1) The interviewer begins with " the black community or minority community" referring to us as a "minority" is something I've never liked. The nerve of him to classify us as a minority and then ask why we have problems with the law.

To say that the African American community has had problems with the law is incorrect, we have been "victimized" by the law because the consequences of committing a crime are different for whites than they are for blacks!! 2) The second question, how do we love our enemy is precisely the notion that makes the previous question so horrendous in its reality!!! Blacks and whites aren't enemies, but the fact that the interviewer correlates it so assumes a sense of superiority from the "White" community!! The church teaching love does not mean the Black church needs to teach Black people how to love their White counterparts, it means that humans need to understand how to respect everyone despite skin color and that's how Bishop Jakes should have addressed the question!!


  1. He is speaking truth to an issue, not to a race or color. Poverty and lack of respect don't discriminate based on either. Excellent interview!

  2. I agree with Bishop, however we can't be blinded by the fact that what's happening in our society today is no accident. Its the wanted and expected results of the policy makers that took religion out of our schools, removed corporal punishment from schools and limited parents ability to discipline their children. The lack of has left our young people in trouble. Now we're witnessing a society that seems to be wandering on a path of self destruction without guidance or direction. We can't blame the church because it is the results of what planned.


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