Beautiful COGIC Lady Mae Blake!

Readers have any of you ever been to a church that gives Oldest Mom and Youngest Mom awards, on Mother's Day? Or how about an award for the mother with the most children?  I have! Of course,  this sort of thing have gone out of style for a couple of reasons. One reason is that the preacher or some other smart person had to get up and start yelling out ages for women to admit to. Y'all know how women don't want everybody knowing their age. Nor the mother with the most children don't want everyone in the church to know she got all those children and never had a husband.  "Every mom over the age of 50 please stand." Then they start weeding them out by age having the younger ones sit. Once I saw a tie in one of these award failures. The preacher got all flustered and gave the only gift to a woman in the choir because she was closer. "Of course..the choir members get everything." It was a mess. The 'youngest mother' used to be perfectly innocent but not it could be someone as young as 13. AWKWARD!

Anyhow social media is talking about how COGIC  Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake found inspiration in a mother’s love for his Mother’s Day sermon last Sunday titled:
“A Woman, A Wife, A Mother.” 
Bishop Blake honored the First Lady Mae L. Blake’s elegance and wisdom as a wife and mother, and shared some of her many contributions to the life of the church. An author, former principal and teacher at the West Angeles Christian Academy, “Lady Mae,” as she’s affectionately called, also designed the interiors of the West Angeles Cathedral and the North Campus multi-purpose building. Bishop Blake also recognized every mother’s ability to do the extraordinary. Sermon Here!


  1. Ms.Mae Blake is a beautiful lady inside and out.


  3. Great mother's day message!


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