Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake Have Sent A Stern Warning To Rev.Jamal Bryant!

Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake sent a stern warning to those who want to tie traffic to protest. That warning went to Rev. Jamal Bryant. C4 asked Mayor   why Bryant was was not arrested. The mayor answered that a lot of the blockages were police officers trying to prevent people from walking up the ramps during the protest.

 That being said, she adds, "My administration has communicated directly with Bryant that, if he engages in behavior that disrupts our city, that he'll answer for that." Pastor Jamal Bryant protest against a $30 million juvenile center and shut  down highway in Baltimore Monday. Pastor Bryant states that there are more of these protests planned all over the state of Maryland.


  1. Remember,she has a job to do. Remember too she wants to save her job and possibly run for US Senate. Don't hate her agenda. It's the game she has to play. I just hope she tells Jamal how she really feels. Jamal understands her position and why. But she can't say how she really feels in public. She has to respect his position and he has to respect hers. Business not personal. And neither side will make everyone happy. If Jamal continues and they arrest him. That won't be anything new. Most if not all of our leaders from Malcolm X to Dr King and beyond have been arrested. Jamal ain't afraid of being another leader arrested. It's part of the process. And many will be arrested with him. It's just part of the process.

  2. Ms. Ann all this mean is that a higher and WHITER power as threatened her to do something about Dr. Jamal Bryant. Stay on the wall, Saints God has your back!!!!

  3. What is the Mayor saying about what caused the effect? People react when they have been affected by something. So again I say what is the reason the people are reacting. Look like sitting down and reasoning would be in order, not threats or trying to throw your weight around with your title, that will help get your wig brought to you in a hand.

  4. We need more exposure on these muti-billion dollar private institutions that are set up across the country.... Many are unaware of the contracts signed between the states and these facilities... The state has to keep the prisons 90% full...

    1. ALL TRUE read about the CCA and its ties to the GOV during the Reagan and Clinton reign.
      Also remember that the CCA is publicly traded and has seen its profits go up 500% in the last 2 decade. It all on the web (BOD of the CCA-> G.A. Puryear IV "EXV.P. and General Counsel and Secretary)


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