As Humble As It Kept Jay-Z and Beyonce Spent Thousands Quietly Bailing Out Baltimore And Ferguson Protesters!

I love it! According to internet rumors, the Carters Jay-Z and Beyonce have bailed out the Baltimore and Ferguson protesters. Hallelujah now the protesters, who did NOTHING but operate in their First Amendment Rights are Released. Putting your MONEY where your mouth is, it's called!


  1. Well I have a new found respect for them now I'm happy they actually care and do something about it black unity is happening little by little.

  2. Very interesting as we learned after his death that it was NY Republican Governor Nelson Rockefeller who bailed out DR. King all those times he was arrested.

  3. Wow!! Now that's putting your money where your mouth is. Amazing!

  4. How did it get leaked? did they leak it to make it look this way? You never know any way to steal glory


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