The Undeniable Major Facts About Easter Is A Pagan Holiday Word Debate.

If Easter isn't really about Jesus, then what is it about? We see a secular culture celebrating the spring equinox, whilst religious culture celebrates the resurrection. I want to Thank, Apostle David A. Rodgers for taking time out of his busy schedule to address this on Facebook. Every Christian knows that Easter is a pagan festival, so why in the world do we debate this every year?

Every year around this time, all of the FB THEOLOGIANS go into discussions about WHAT DAY Jesus was CRUCIFIED, how many DAYS He was BURIED, what TIME he was RESURRECTED and the great "EASTER/PAGAN HOLIDAY WORD DEBATE". Although these topics make for great academic and theological discussion, these are not the most IMPORTANT TOPICS and are MINOR in scope to the TRUTH. THE UNDENIABLE MAJOR FACTS are this:

JESUS was CRUCIFIED and DIED for the SINS of the world according to the SCRIPTURES. JESUS was BURIED according to the SCRIPTURES and was RESURRECTED with ALL POWER in His hands. These are the GOSPEL FACTS. They are UNDENIABLE and the DIVINE SUBSTANCE of our SALVATION!! OUTSIDE of this, all other discussions are MINOR!! Let's PREACH the GOSPEL so SINNERS can REPENT and be SAVED and let's leave MINOR DISCUSSIONS to a more profitable time that won't SPOIL an OPPORTUNITY to see SOULS WON to the KINGDOM!! Amen!


  1. The discussions and arguments are a device of the enemy to cause division in the body and confusion in the unbeliever.


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