The Beginning Of Sorrows- MAJOR WORLD EVENT HAPPENING NOW 2015!

Interesting Facebook message from one of my hometown pastors, who's teaching I love. I'm not knocking the message at all.  In my opinion, this truth and the coming truth has got to be presented to the world. Churches and religious groups have turned into pacifiers, instead of teachers of truth. God’s inspired word is being revealed daily, but people have turned a deaf ear.

Pastor Hart Ramsey:  When I taught the "Blood Moon Series" I told Northview Christian Church that we would be keeping our eyes on the current events right around Passover 2015. So far, there's been a historical nuclear treaty signed with Iran & 147 Christians martyred in Kenya. These are the beginning of sorrows. Keep watching & praying.

My Question: Is it important for churches to equipped their members to recognize end times events as they happen? Even if in the bible, Christians are not told to look for signs in the sky. We are told to look for the Blessed Hope, which cometh by faith. Christians living in the Age of Grace are commanded to “walk by faith”, and not by sight. What's your thought, should the church teach on end time events?


  1. Watching and praying!

  2. The stage is being set. Just saying. Maranatha. Call upon Jesus today of you haven't already.

  3. This is Moses, it won't let me log in: I come as a thief in the night.. Nobody knows when he comes but be ready. Repent and accept him as your Lord and savior and all will be well..


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