Shout Out To Pastor George D. Hamilton For Keeping It Real At Walter Scott Funeral Yesterday, He Mince No Words!

CHARLESTON, SC - APRIL 11: Judy Scott (2nd L) and Walter Scott Sr., (3rd L) are joined by others as they prepare to place flowers on the coffin of their son Walter Scott during the burial service at the Live Oak Memorial gardens cemetery, after he was fatally shot by a North Charleston police officer after fleeing a traffic stop in North Charleston on April 11, 2015 Charleston, South Carolina. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images) 

Thanks to the Pastor for saying what needed to be said yesterday at Walter Scott Sr, funeral.  The pastor, the Rev. George D. Hamilton, stressed that most law enforcement officers serve honorably, but he urged the members of South Carolina’s congressional delegation who attended the funeral to take up the issue of police killings in Washington so that African-Americans “don’t have to be scared every time they get pulled over.”

Pastor Denounces Racism at Walter Scott’s Funeral One Week After Police Shooting.


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