Seventh Day Adventist Ben Carson To Withdraw As Pastors' Conf. Speaker!

Interesting article, I find myself not understanding having Ben Carson not speak. Is it because of some beliefs of Seventh Day Adventist?  However the simple fact that if he was the candidate of the republican party the majority of southern baptists would vote for him. I'm just saying, my goodness most of them voted for a Mormon the last time.

Likely Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson and leaders of the Southern Baptist Convention Pastors’ Conference have “mutually agreed” that Carson will not address the Pastors’ Conference in Columbus, Ohio, as previously scheduled. Some Southern Baptists raised theological and political concerns in late March and April, with Texas pastor Bart Barber and Baptist21, a network of younger Southern Baptist leaders, posting blog articles objecting to Carson’s scheduled appearance at the conference June 14, as Carson identifies himself as a member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. “We didn't want this to become a distraction for our convention,” Pastors’ Conference President William Rice said.

Ben Carson to withdraw as Pastors' Conf. speaker:


  1. I believe they are distancing themselves from Carson craziness.


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