Say What Women Are Twerking And Stripping To Lecrae Music??

Y'all can read the article here! But this is kind of weird and disrespectful in my opinion to Lecrae's music and message,  even if it is unintentional. I'm not a fan of playing Christian Music while women are twerking and stripping. I agree with the Facebook comment below.
Facebook Comment:  We're talking about woman taking off their clothes .. grinding on men.. being fondled.. in some cases having sex or sexual acts.. shaking their butts and boobs in paying customers faces and their doing all this to music that should glorify Jesus ...??? And we think this is ok or making a difference ? I'm all for ministering and sending the gospel in many forms to every place ... but there is something extremely perverted about grinding and stripping and being fondled to praise and worship music. Are we this blind ?? Pass out the cds to the woman after work ... put them in their lockers. . Talk with them.. pray with and for them .. start a group where people can vent .. play worship music after hours while you're talking and hanging out. There is a way to do this with taste and one that brings God glory


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