Pastor Jamal Bryant and Dr Joel Wallach - Black Gene Lies WORD Network!

Readers, Dr. Joel Wallach of Youngevity joins Pastor Jamal Bryant to talk about why Diabetes and High Blood Pressure are not genetic for black Americans like the MD have been telling us. Dr. Wallach provides a proven all natural solution using the very minerals God intended for the nourishment of our bodies.



  1. Found on"In the early 1980's, Wallach called himself a "Manner Metabolic Physician'' and treated cancer patients with laetrile, a substance that should not be used to treat cancer. In 1990 he also worked with Kurt Donsbach at the notorious Tijuana clinic Hospital Santa Monica. In 1995, Wallach was using chelation therapy for heart disease, a common misuse of this therapy by quacks. A relative of one of Wallach's patients reported his concerns to the National Council Against Health Fraud when the patient died in Wallach's care. The relative expressed concern that "Wallach had convinced the patient not to be treated by his regular physician; thus he did not seek proper medical help and died."*"

    "Wallach is not a physician, but an N.D., a doctor of naturopathy. It is unlikely that most of the people in his audiences know that naturopaths aren't really physicians and that there is a big difference between an M.D. and an N.D. He also claims he did hundreds of autopsies on humans while working as a veterinarian in St. Louis. How does a veterinarian get to do human autopsies?"

    "Despite the many false claims Wallach makes about physicians, diseases, and mineral deficiencies, he has spawned a small industry of mineral sellers, including some multi-level marketing projects on the Internet."

    This is one of the oldest tricks out. Bring in a fraud to scare the people and sell them stuff, then get the kickbacks for your own pocket. This man is not a real doctor. Jamal Bryant should be ashamed .... Lying like that. No surprise here though.


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