Most Police Have No Vested Interest In The Communities They Patrol

Readers, I like this interesting idea by Tim Wise: 

The problem with police forces isn't that they're too white (after all, as James Baldwin noted long ago, some of the most feared cops in Harlem were black because they had something to prove). Rather, the problem is, they are not chosen by the community and not accountable to it.

Comment:  You can't FEAR a community, the environment and its people, AND hold a "protect and serve" place for it. Those dots don't connect. Somehow ... don't know how ... but somehow ... worlds need to be bridged that allow understanding of the community's contextual factors that affect its citizens.
Readers do you agree?


  1. Well said. Great idea! Now let's see who in positions of power will embrace this idea.

  2. This sounds like a great idea, especially if the person is not from the area. Being an officer is more than just a set of technical skills. Of course, nothing is perfect. But, Everyone can benefit when they feel they share a goal - safe communities.


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