Jesus Take The Wheel: Lifeway Removes Many Pastors Books And Unbiblical Resoures From Their Stores.!

Lord have mercy, have y'all seen this huge list of authors they have been removed by lifeway from their stores? Lifeway is cleaning house.
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  1. I disagree that lifeway removed new spirit filled bible. I have that bible Jack hayford is a good biblically preacher .

  2. Ms. Ann they removed your favorite pastor Juanita Bynum!

  3. Paula white, Joel Osteen, Oral Roberts, Juanita Bynum, Creflo Dollar.

    This is like the entire TBN network of programs.

    Good for them to no longer tolerate Biblical Illiteracy and foolishness.

  4. Cop You don't think they are way over the top with their blacklisting list? Joyce Meyers? Seriously? Kudos to them for NOT banning John Hagee and TD Jakes, among others.
    Just because you dont agree with someone's theology does not make them un-bliblical or un-christian or damaging to the church.
    Healthy debate is a foundation of sound doctrine.


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