Jesus Take The Wheel, Kirk Franklin Want First Lady Erica Campbell Haters To Get Up Off Her!

By now most folks have heard Erica Campbell’s “trap gospel” song “I Luh God” from her Help 2.0 solo album. The song has conjured up strong feelings on both sides of the fence. Your boy Kirk Franklin recently weighed in on this situation with Arun Rath of NPR. Check out his thoughts here. 


  1. Yes and very great thanksgiving for our sin are forgiven and our life are so bless in the HOly Spirit with us to win and be used of the Lord in that darkness time when many are so distressed and cool in faith,but the lord will send mighty revival before rapture,thanks and bless and pray,keijo sweden

  2. This song goes hard!! And I love it!

  3. Just sing the songs and be quiet about it already. Folks ARE entitled to their opinion. What is it with everybody nowadays telling their detractors to be quiet and stop hating?! Newsflash....folk don't have to like you or what you do! Just do it and keep it moving already....Jeez Louise! Does he see Jesus ANYWHERE in the Scriptures talking about "Oh, the Pharisees keep hating on me! They need to keep their mouths off me!" NO! People need to study to be quiet. Do your business and tune us out.


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