Is The Pastor Vision The Major Contributing Factor In Church Going Christians Becoming Unchurched?

It's becoming easier for Christians today to make a conscious decision to leave the church behind.  Readers did you know that there are a number of committed Christians these days who for various reasons, no longer attend weekly worship services or participate in a community church establishment? Once upon a time any logical questioning of the church 'status quo' would get you filed under "church hurt". I'm so relieved that there are so many others who have removed the veil and are bold enough to speak their truth in Christ. Read more here and check out this powerful comment below:

I don't know about anyone else -- but I will say this of myself -- I will no longer help build ANY man's empire in the name of Christ. I say this as a person who has been there and doesn't want to go there anymore. My credentials you say: I was born and raised a Baptist but left for a non-denominational church in the late 70's when I became truly saved and filled with the spirit. Which, becoming a follower of Christ is not taking the right hand of fellowship -- it is becoming born again by acknowledging that Jesus paid the price for your sins at the cross -- and acknowledging that Jesus is Lord of your life. 
Not to boast on myself -- but I am the first Black student that attended Regent University. Back then, the mission of Regent was to produce Christian leaders to help society -- fast forward to today -- that mission has been lost with the influence of arrogant secularism. As a result there is no longer the Christ like humbleness among the students like there was in the beginning. And as an example as well as a consequence of the aforementioned -- a former governor of Virginia and Regent graduate -- Bob McDonnell is now facing prison time because of corruption charges. 
I was a longtime employee of CBN -- well over 20 years. Again not boasting on myself -- I made CBN a lot of money. But here's the kicker -- when I look back at my years at CBN -- it was all about making money. Oh sure they brought people to Christ, helped people through things like Operation Blessing -- but bottom line -- it was and is big business. E.G., the Robinson family made close to a half a billion dollars off of the sale of the Family Channel to Disney/ABC. The Family Channel originally started as a donor supported, Christian based network. 
During all of the time at Regent and CBN, I was also in the church. I was heavily involved with the first "America for Jesus" campaign in the early 80's. I was on my way to being a elder in a church until the Lord showed me to get out. I have been through numerous church start-ups, splits, downfalls and what have you. I have been through the tithe beat down thousands (yes thousands) of times. As I look back at all of the aforementioned -- it was all about empire building and money -- and very little to do with Christ.
 So again, I'm unchurched because of prior experience and not wanting to waste my time with man's empire building. It doesn't mean that I no longer give or fellowship with other believers -- but it does mean that I will no longer waste my time with something that I know is wrong. With me -- it's all about Christ and that's the bottom line. 
Rynard Moore


  1. Agree! Church attendance/membership does not equal relationship with Christ. I know that people equate the two, but that is because of what has been taught from the pulpit in order to build "man's empire".


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