Is Christian Battle Rap Taking Evangelism To Another Level?

According to the social media crowd, what's not to love about any Christian brother who can stand up for Christ and move evangelism to yet another level?  Now, I will agree each one of us who hold up the Christian banner are called to be a witness of the gospel of Jesus Christ. God has equipped us with the means to learn about His kingdom, and He requires us to tell others about His goodness. But my question, is battle rap a form of evangelism?

This is a long video but it is worth watching if you want an understanding of what's going on. According to the description, it's a Christian rapper, Saga, going up against a Muslim rapper Suge. Suge uses explicit language but the reaction and comebacks of Saga is what have many on social media cheering.   If you don't want to watch it all, then watch it from where 13 minutes are left in the video.That is where the truth of religious persecution is told. Can this possibly be evangelism? Source:


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