Governor Bans Cruises, Other 'Luxury' Items for Welfare Recipients In Sweeping Crackdown!

Oh my a cruise???? Really? A cruise? It's official welfare recipients here have been banned from using government funds on cruises, horse racing facilities, spas, and alcohol. And that's not all, you can read the rest here.   I agree there are fraud and misuse and some restrictions must be in place. But a cruise?


  1. Cop has to ride this fence on this (and I am not even sure if I like my stance on either side)

    As a strict numbers look at the issue, people that are struggling and using government funds as a means of survival shouldn't be using our tax payer money to purchase anything that ISN'T going to help them to be self sufficient.

    (Is a tattoo of your kids on your shoulder something OUR GOVERNMENT should be paying for?)

    (So now people are LITERALLY throwing government money away to "make it rain")

    (Your average cruise (depending on how many people are going with you) cost between 2 & 7 thousand dollars.
    That money could have been used to feed your family for a good 6 months instead of a 3 day, 4 night boat ride on the ocean.)

    As a Human being and follower of Christ I know that we weren't designed to work, without rest, or have some type of mental and physical outlet to help cope with the stresses of the day.

    So if someone wants to go swimming or see a concert, it shouldn't be a problem.

    I am not sure where to draw the line.

    But I do know that Playing video games for a few hours with 20 dollars is far different from using a couple of grand on a tropical island cruise to Jamaica.

  2. Cop I'm thinking if a one child family gets $320 per month to live on how in the world can anyone actually think they are going on a cruise with that amount? Further, more I never heard of a cruise line where the food didn't come with the cruise. I have never heard of a restaurant taking Food Stamps! Who is the governor trying to kid?

  3. The attack on the poor continual. This is BS. Its always been illegal to use food stamps for alcohol and cigarettes. The crooked merchants are the problem


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