Fix It Jesus: Did Ms Tina Knowles Trade "J E S U S" For Scientology?

Social media questions: Should a married couple be unified in religious beliefs?
Do Scientologists believe in the same Jesus? If so what do they believe about Jesus? Are they Christian? What do Scientologist believe? Does Scientology conflict with Christianity? Can one practice Scientology and Christianity at the same time?

 Lord have mercy, the internet was ablaze a couple of weeks ago with the good news and beautiful pictures of  Beyonce mom Tina Knowles marriage to her new husband Richard Lawson.  Fast forward today and the whole conversation has kind of shifted from one of happiness to one of sadness.  If today's rumor is true, with all the controversy surrounding Scientology these days, why in the world would any person choose this one? It's alleged that Scientology is a false religion!  Scientology originated by science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard, inventor of Dianetics, a self-help system who created Scientology as a religion so this religion does not have as its Author Jesus Christ Who said He would build His church ( Matt 16:15).

 Lord knows, not too many black folks believe in Scientology. Ms. Tina just had to find that one in a million to give up her faith for. The important question that's being asked around social media: was she ever a Christian from the start and did she ever have JESUS in her heart? This is sad to say,  but there's allot of people who sit in church Sunday after Sunday and don't have Christ in the heart.


  1. No you cannot be a Christian and a $cientologist at the same time.

  2. If people understood that Christianity is about a real, tangible relationship with God and not a blind belief in some mythical ideal, then maybe you could elevate your mind. You can't explain experiences, they have to be had. With that said, once you've had an encounter with God, no one can take that away from you and get you to change what you believe. The Holy Spirit is very real in every true believer and the Bible is not a bunch of outdated boring words in a book, those words are from God not man and have real power that the Holy Spirit speaks to us through vividly. Non believers don't know or understand this. It is literally impossible for a true Christian to be persuaded into anything else. These people were never saved they were just raised into it with no real experience. Many people I know are this way and I'm afraid that they may be deceived quite easily when the antichrist appears with wonders and makes so many believe he is god. Study your word people.

  3. How can a man expect for a woman to submit to him if he can't submit to the lord and how can I expect for a man to be faithful to me if he is not faithful to the lord???

  4. Ol Lord! I can respect everyone's religion. However,THE jury is still out on Scientology church.
    A woman is suppose to submit to her husband, but I think I would have issues converting to this one.

  5. Let's be clear about this. If your a Christian and or have been your entire life span but, then convert to a new religion. Then you my dear were never truly a Christian.
    So I ask this. Are you sure you want to put man before your father in heaven???

  6. The question to ask is "was she ever a Christian"? Also, people convert to religions all the time for different reasons. No one should be able to force it though.

  7. My goodness. My goodness. We sell our souls for wordly pleasures. $$$$$


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