Fix It Jesus: Are The Pentecostal Assemblies Of The World About To Replace Bishop Ellis?

Friday night was the season finale of Preachers of Detroit, and folks are still wondering why in the world would Bishop Charles Ellis lll put the PAW organization under such a negative light by appearing on a reality show?  Once again, folks are questioning Bishop Charles H. Ellis III representation of  PAW and ALL the members actively involved in PAW. Check out a comment that was posted in one of my many Facebook groups:

 When Charles H. Ellis III speaks he does so with the full power of Pentecostal Assemblies of the World. He represents ALL that PAW is and does in the communities throughout the United States of America and in other countries. His words and actions represent the core of PAW and what PAW stands for, the mission and the vision of PAW. The representative of PAW Not being truthful means, PAW is not a truthful organization. That means ALL who represent PAW cannot be trusted to tell the whole truth Which means PAW is a lie! It also shows PAW is misleading and misrepresenting the Word of God and the teaching of Jesus. Church members have a duty to question PAW representatives by asking "we as PAW member demand honest representation" and not that of church leaders who lie and support church leaders who lie make a misleading statement? The next question they should ask, should we replace representatives that tell lies? The first question will answer the second, thus determining whether PAW is truly a messenger of God or an organization under the control of Satan. Words Matter!


  1. Can't no one remove him (Ellis) from his job.....That’s the General Assembly’s job.

  2. In the finale segment the lying Bishops Ellis persuaded the others how to keep the people in the dark. He makes it clear the ministers does not want the people to know about how the ministry is getting rich while the people remain poor.

    "Let's keep the people's problem above our individual differences" says Bishop Ellis.

    Making it clear, they don't want the people to know how the money and donations are spent on maintaining the rich life styles of the Bishops. Pastor Bullock is not sold by the temptations of Bishop Ellis...the Devil's advocate.

  3. Bishop Charles Ellis is a good man, in my opinion- but even good men get it wrong sometimes. I think he’s done a good job restoring his family’s name after his hi-profile uncle Bishop Ellis in Chicago got convicted on felony tax charges. To not consult the bishop’s board is bad leadership. To do the show at all is bad judgment (unless God Himself REALLY directed him to do it-which is doubtful); especially if Noel Jones confided that he felt it was a mistake. Now people are digging around and finding messy stuff to point out, and it wouldn’t be happening on this level if he wasn’t on this show. Accusations of corruption by Dyamond, news reports about him buying a golf course and then renigging on the development ideas he initially promoted, showing his big opulent mansion while many of his members are poor…Now that he’s on a higher platform, I feel like he should disclose his salary from ALL church and church-related ventures for the last 20 years so people can understand how he’s paying for all that good living and driving.
    If it’s all on the up and up, shouldn’t be no problems laying it all out there, cuz I’m losing faith in my Apostolic people. And if I’m a child of the PAW and feel this way, I can’t help but feel like it’s probably worse for others who aren’t from our denomination. I believe the elders like Bishop Haywood, Bishop Holly, Bishop Brisbin, Bishop Brazier, Bishop Wagner, and even Bishop Bowers would say they’re embarrassed and ashamed, if we could ask them.
    Like I said, Bishop Charles Ellis has helped grow his church and moved the PAW forward in a way, but he’s also moved us waaaaaayyyy backwards. Especially in this age of everybody thinking/claiming they have the Holy Ghost and the lines getting blurrier and blurrier between sho-nuff saints and aints. He’s restored his family’s name, he probably has enough money to retire his whole family, AND he’s having the national convention in his city this year. I hope when he’s done with this term, he’ll step completely aside and go sit down somewhere and justice do good work behind the scenes. I kinda wish he’d just step down now.

  4. He is Stanley? By who's standards yours or GOD?

  5. PAW is a lie anyway because denominations are a heresy. The only one we should represent on this Earth is Jesus the Christ. Period. If we fail to do that first and foremost, the rest doesn't matter anyway.

  6. These preachers are greedy lustful beast... They do not represent our Lord....


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