Does The Black Church Need To Lead The Ferguson Movement?

Should black churches be leading and guiding protester, whether they manifest as a march, as a demonstration—or as a vote? On today Tuesday April 7, 2015 Ferguson will hold its first civic elections since the death of Michael Brown, giving residents a chance to remake their influential City Council, a decision all the more crucial in light of last month's damning Department of Justice report about the local police and courts.

 This past Easter weekend, the question came to the fore of how involved black churches must be, going forward, when it comes to stirring up the pot of protest in Ferguson, and elsewhere.

In my opinion NO! But if there must be a "movement" that demands the leadership of the church then by all means it should be just that "ALL".  ALL colors, ALL nationalities, should be involved. This is not the time for segregating church folk in the hopes of creating awareness of a situation that we in the black already know exist.  TRUE awareness can be better recognized when the movement is lead by a conglomerate of multi ethnicity Christian churches.