Bishop Rance Allen Performed James Cleveland I Stood On The Banks Of Jordan For The President And 1st Lady!

Lord have mercy, there will never be another Rance Allen. I tell you what  he worked that song and the stage like the pro that he is. Bishop Rance Allen wife Ellen Allen posted a video to her Facebook page  of her husband Bishop Rance Allen's historic performance at the White House for President Barack and First Lady Michelle Obama.  Video Clip Here.
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  1. Love Bishop Allen! Now it just don't get no better than that. Lol, old school for real.

  2. Bishop Rance Allen Bringing church to the White House.

  3. TOLEDO STAND UP!! Bishop Rance Allen did an outstanding job singing for President and First Lady Obama... My favorite is when he said"somebody wave your hand and shout SING RANCE!"

    1. I agree Bessie love Bishop Rance Allen!! Toledo Christians representing at the White House!!

  4. One more evidence "That God will open doors that are beyond man's capabilities!" Thank you Jesus

  5. Lord have mercy, Rance Showed Up and Showed Out..For The President & First Lady....They Enjoyed It To.

  6. You'll folks are so lost...Rance is so gay


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