Bishop Donald Hilliard Of Cathedral International Wants 3,000 Members To Give $1000 For A Debt Free Legacy For The Next Generation.

Church Building Fund:

Lord have mercy the internet is going in on "Bishop" Donald Hilliard of Cathedral International for wanting 3,000 of the church members to give $1,000 each ON TOP OF their "tithe" (10% of their income) to pay off a $3 million dollar building. Wouldn't it make more sense to help the members get out of debt first? Or is the building more important than the people? Are any of the members in debt?

If so, why would they fork over $1,000 PLUS 10% of their income to pay off the debt on a building instead paying off their own debts? Isn't that financially irresponsible? If the members are in debt, then how are they creating a "debt free legacy for the next generation"? So the building will be paid off, but they'll still be in debt and pass on a legacy of financial brokenness to their children. Think people. THINK

Check it out here and here!


  1. 52 dollars for a pastors helicopter blades,
    300 dollars for a over the top private jet,
    1,000 dollars to payoff the churches mortgage.

    Are today's pastors confused.
    They (and the church) should be serving the people.

    Making sure THEIR needs are met, not the other way around.

    1. Cop This is one reason why I left the institutional church.

    2. And probably over half of the church membership is on public assistance. Nothing but a greedy crook looking for a quick payday for himself.

  2. If I'm involved in paying off a mortgage I expect my name to appear on the lien. I don't see this option being offered to the congregants and I never do. Need I say more?

  3. They get what they ask for if they pay it....empty wallets and dried up bank accounts and unpaid bills. The Lord says His people perish for a lack of knowledge. They need to realize that tithing is done...over...finito. I won't even speak on the $1000 bonus seed money. These cons and charlatans get away with it though because people want to play the church lottery with God. They feel like if "I pay extra, God will bless me even more!" It's not the Powerball, but it's preached that way by many pastors. The people have greed and lusts in their own hearts and they truly believe God will increase them and make them wealthy according to their measure of tithing and seed planting. It's the old faithful prosperity gospel and it works like a charm because folks are greedy themselves.

  4. called to contend......YOU ARE WRONG.....and its sad that your faith cannot see beyond YOU!

    1. Wrong about what part? On what grounds? All or some? You can't just call me out with no explanation of what's wrong. Go read 1 Timothy 6:9, James 1:12, James 4:2-3, do I need to continue? And as far as tithing.... If you think I was wrong there, we are not under the law. I would like correction if you have BIBLICAL correction to give :-)

  5. If the building has an outstanding loan of $3 million dollars, then its the church responsibility to pay off the loan within a reasonable time. I assume the church members approved the construction of the building prior to construction, so they will have to pay off the loan. Evidently the loan company assumed the loan could be paid off before it was approved. On this basis then the loan belongs to the church who are the members.

    1. I see nothing wrong with it. Lots of Churches and Mosques set goals like this. As long as it's going to a good cause (i.e. Burn the Mortgage, services, etc.). Pooling our collective resources is something we need to do more of in our communities.


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