Word On The Street: Bishop Charles H. Ellis lll May Have Hurt His Brand and Image By Taking Part In Realty TV!

I don't know about this, but the rumors on social media are that Bishop Charles H. Ellis lll may have hurt his reputation as a great spiritual leader and teacher by taking part in reality TV. This new phenomenon of church leaders as the focus of reality television shows is seen by some as an unneeded look into the guarded lives of pastors.

Bishop Ellis a believer in and supporter of the prosperity gospel, once bragged that he lives better than his father and grandfather, who were also preachers. I guess time will tell!


  1. Please what image and reputation as a great leader? For the past decade, I too have felt that many preachers like Ellis have been pimping their congregation. It comes down to $$ for many of them -not truly doing the Lords work.

  2. I would like to pose a question.

    When has a reality show featuring gospel artist or pastors ever IMPROVED a persons reputation?

    The fact that we still have pastors wanting to sign up to be on a reality shows demonstrates how these people of God are so self absorbed and out of touch with the people that attend their church.

    These pastors are

    Driving around in 100 thousand dollar cars,

    Living in school sized houses,

    Hanging out with other rich pastors in your fully decorated church office


    Bragging about how they "sacrificed" their time to be on a reality show.

    How does that translate to an improved reputation in one of the poorest cities in The nation?

    1. Cop I agree! In my opinion, Bishop Charles Ellis III and each one of these preachers in their respectable place bring their own individual style to delivering the word of God. So, for the people who attend these churches, this is the most important person in their lives. Image do matter.


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