"The Year of Celebration": The Bishop's Ball Honoring Preachers Of Detroit Clarence Langston!

This have gotten a lot of attention in social media.

 Word in Action Christian Center in Detroit, Michigan invites all to a black tie event at Cobo Hall in Miracle City, to celebrate with them as they honor the elevation of Bishop Clarence Langston at their Bishops Ball.


  1. If I remember my Bible correctly. When Jesus chose his disciples, they didn't get an APOSTLES BALL, or have a lavish ceremony with the funny looking hats.

    They got Baptized,
    they spread the gospel
    Then they were hunted down one by one and killed.

    Could care less about some pompous ceremony
    And wouldn't dare charge admission to a "BISHOPS BALL" (whatever that is...) to celebrate THEMSELVES.

    And just for the record.
    If Wayne T Jackson is doing your consecration ceremony, WATCH YOUR BACK.

  2. Cop what I don't understand is why there's such a steep, expensive, costly, high price tag on an event like this?

    1. Ann I agree! $125 per person. let that sink in.

  3. I'm just having a difficult time processing this. I wish folks would seriously consider the whole "elevation" mess. Plus, $52.00 for a child's ticket is outrageous.

  4. Why in the world would you charge a child $52.00 for this craziness?

  5. Man just go to the park and have a BBQ. This is messy. Leaves the impression that it's all about that money.


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