Facebook: Looks like the biggest thing to happen at the 30th Annual Stellar Gospel Music Awards was the reunion of Destiny's Child members Michelle Williams, Kelly Rowland and Beyonce Knowles-Carter. For years, we have preached a cheap gospel and peddled a soft Savior. We have taught salvation without self-denial and the crown without the cross. We have catered to the unsaved and compromised with the world. Now we are paying the price.”


  1. Disgusting.... Has been for a little while now. And I don't fault the world. I fault the 'church'.

  2. What's disgusting about it? Is the church some exclusive place for "approved" Christians only?? What's really disgusting is the very common and overly judgmental spirit of the church embodies some of the same principals of racial segregation. The church turns more people to the world and into sin than they realize.

    1. Where lies the proof Anonymous?

    2. The proof is in the overwheling comments & actions from church goers who try to make outsiders feel as if they can't be a part of anything Christian related.

    3. This is to the very first Anonymous comment.

      Spare me please. Your drawn away from God by your own lust so stop blaming people for turning individuals to the world. If God really brought you out of darkeness and into His marvelous light, you'd be the fool to go back in darkness. Stop placing your salvation based off of peoples actions. Get saved! Get in the light! And sit your flesh down so you can be pleasing to the Lord. P.S. if you were in the emergency room at a hospital and someone rolled their eyes at you or sucked their teeth when you sat next to them or looked at you up and down, would you leave and not return and stay sick, or would you stay and wait to be called on by the doctor and ignore the persons foolishness. Same thing for the church! Get some backbone and stay in God! By the way, a holy God deserves holy praise, not the filth of the world singing "gospel" to Him.

    4. Wow....the Church has no shame smh. Well, we love our celebrities. A shame that there is no distinction between believers & the world anymore. & you wonder why Yahshua(Jesus) said the path is narrow & there be FEW that find it.

    5. It's disgusting to see people celebrate a holy God while immersed in the filth of this world. Moreover, it's disgusting for people to pretend this mess is holy and acceptable just because they hide behind the veil of 'church'.

      I'm not at all standing behind the church's standard, I stand behind the Bible.

    6. One can't shake their naked butt for a million people one day then raise their hands for Jesus the next and expect TRUE BELIEVERS not to be DISGUSTED!

  3. This is not a surprise, because the Stellar Awards has never been about giving praise or honor to God. Instead, it's about giving praise and honor to man/self, who pretend to give praise and honor to God. But, when it is all said and done, it's about the award. This is no different than the Grammy Award.
    MATTHEW 15:8-9 "These people draw near to Me with their mouth, And honor Me with their lips, but their heart is far from Me, And in vain they worship Me, Teaching as doctrines the commandments of men."

  4. Comment From Hope D. Blackwell @ ex ministries facebook page:

    All I can say is it has been years since I watched a Stellar Awards or any other "gospel" awards show, but this takes the cake. First of all the song "When Jesus Say YES" WAS TAKEN FROM AFRICA! It's not some original "spirit led" song written by her, African's have been singing it for decades upon decades. I have personally been singing with with them for YEARS and as usual, throwing a few Africans in the video is not DUE CREDIT. Second, the words to this song are very spiritually serious and denote living a life TOTALLY SURRENDERED TO GOD WHERE HE FIGHTS ON YOUR BEHALF... and third, to have these 3 women sing at a supposedly "gospel" awards show (even the words "gospel awards" contradict themselves - I mean our rewards for anything of the gospel comes from God when we face Him), BUT THIS DISPLAY OF BLATENT satanic sacrifice confirms that mainstream "gospel" music has shifted FROM MINISTRY TO A WORLDLY INDUSTRY and ENTITY.
    Allowing literal DIVAS (those used in divination- knowingly or unknowingly) to release anything on a "so called" gospel platform... IS UTTERLY RIDICULOUS! If gospel music as an industry was ever PRIMARILY about souls, THAT IS NO LONGER THE PRIMARY AGENDA of its leadership or participants. It is not only a money making scheme, but another place where lucipher, once chief angelic psalmist is showing himself because fools and their lusts and need for validation and affirmation of the world have given him stage. I know many of you get upset when I talk about your beloved ENTERTAINERS especially the "GOSPEL" ones, but at some point we need to stop calling it GOSPEL. This event proves the people sitting at the round table are NOT IN ANY WAY seeking any GOSPEL agenda, but rather are influenced by the prince of the air.... WHAT WE LABEL GOSPEL TODAY IS A DISGRACE to the cross and to everything the GOSPEL represents as well as a disgrace to our once "example" of what it meant to be a Christian nation. What's worse is all the gifted psalmist in five fold ministry who will sit there in places of spiritual authority and affirm, validate, and confirm this.... Have we lost our HOLY FEAR of GOD?
    We really have become a type of the church of Laodicea who is not only lukewarm, but wretched, miserable, poor, blind, and naked... yet we think we are "covered". I am sick of seeing HOLYwood's shenanigans, schemes, and impartations.
    WAKE UP "church" and save yourselves from this perverse generation as Peter declared in Acts!

  5. Why is anyone surprised? I'm sure James Fortune whose children has to call cops fie beating his wife will receive several awards. Even though his wife has just gone quietly into the night. Religious loving folls.....I pray THE FATHER not only exposes it all but tear down everything not honoring HIM


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