Franklin Graham Is Such A Hypocrite!

This privilege white man is such a hypocrite that it's not even funny. How about he has spent a great amount of his time and years disrespecting the highest authority in the land (President Obama) now all of a sudden he speaks of respect? Get out of here with that foolishness, talk about a lack of credibility. The would-be heir to Billy Graham’s white evangelical dynasty took to his Facebook page Thursday in an effort to call the president out after two police officers were shot in Ferguson riots this week. I agree 100% with the facebook comment below.

Facebook Comment:  It must be nice to be a mid-class white person and live in america especially to be a middle-class white male, the world looks so simple and easy but for the rest of us, there is another truth. The truth that it doesn't matter if you follow all the rules you still are a target just by being born with color in your skin or poor. Until we as a society are willing to do away with racism and classism we will continue to face these challenges.


  1. He said listen up Blacks when in actuality he meant listen up you N*ggers!

  2. He's not wrong. People just don't want to hear what he is saying and be accountable for their actions. I am black and I shed no tears for that Ferguson kid. When he decided to rob a store and manhandle its owner, smoke weed, walk down the middle of a street, refuse to obey a police officer, fight an armed police officer - he chose his situation. And I am tired of blacks always excusing bad behavior. They'd rather smoke weed all day, wear their pants below their butt, have out-of-wedlock children, and not put any effort into educating themselves and becoming productive members of society.

    1. He's wrong and so are you, plus Franklin Graham is nothing but a hateful redneck. I bet you got all your misinformation off faux new.

    2. Sorry, but Franklin Graham is dead wrong here. Firstly, I am all for obeying the law and accountability. That said, his credibility is lacking.

      1. He has sided with Donald Trump, captain of all jokes, as stating that President Obama is NOT a US citizen and is also Muslim. He has ZERO facts to prove this. Siding with known bigots and people of questionable character as a professing minister of God is a very bad idea. As a bonus....he also sides with Newt Gingrich....not a good look.

      2. There is currently a case in Grand Rapids MI of a cop forcing his way into a woman's house and raping her. Should she have obeyed him? What about the dirty cops who wield their badge to force and blackmail citizens into working for them to break the laws. See, we have what's called the Constitution in the US. It works BOTH enforce the laws and protect us citizens. The Bible is NOT calling on us to obey ANY authority if it contradicts God's Word. Period.

      Furthermore...all souls belong to God! We should have COMPASSION as disciples of Christ. This young man likely sin and where does that send him? And we are ok with this? Vengeance is mine says the Lord. Who are we to look down on that kid because he made poor choices?! That doesn't excuse Mike Brown, but did he deserve death? What if God gave you what you deserve? What consequences of sin have you dealt with because of your situation that you chose?

  3. U.S. Department of Justice Civil Rights Division

    A direct quote from the investigative report regarding the Ferguson Police Department:

    "The Civil Rights Division of the United States Department of Justice opened its investigation of the Ferguson Police Department (“FPD”) on September 4, 2014. This investigation was initiated under the pattern-or-practice provision of....This investigation has revealed a pattern or practice of unlawful conduct within the Ferguson Police Department that violates the First, Fourth, and Fourteenth Amendments to the United States Constitution, and federal statutory law."

    While I neither condone or excuse any disrespect for authority; I find it very ironic that in this case, the very people trusted to protect and serve the interest of its citizens, themselves utterly disrespect the laws they swore to uphold!

  4. I think blacks have a lesson to learn from this little Iraqi Christian refugee girl! Hatred, unforgiveness and bitterness is not going to take anyone anywhere! Whoever has done wrong is responsible for their actions and will be judged righteously by the judge of the universe! Please watch this powerful video!


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