Church Announcement: The Preaching And Teaching Of Pastor Creflo Dollar Is Life Changing.

Does a God-directed life really make a difference? Is there anything more powerful than one own personal testimony?  I stumble upon this well-written blog post of a young lady who feels that her pastor and church family have come under unjust and unfair attacks from the media.
"I thank God for a ministry that serves around the world, a place that builds homes and feeds millions every year, a place that goes into the sex trade industry and saves souls, a place that is so big, but yet so small. A place where my pastor preaches every week in New York on Saturday, just to fly back in the middle of the night, to preach in Atlanta, Ga on Sunday. A place where we give toys and back to school items in the thousands every year, a place where people line up every year to get free turkeys and food for thanksgiving, a place where my pastor doesn't receive a salary, but still pays tithes off of his individual earnings, a place where every week they break down the budget, what was spent, and where it goes, and so much more! I'm sure you've seen none of this in the news."
Blog post here: It's Not About The Plane! 


  1. That was well written and may all be true. And good for him if he does do all of these things.


    This is the same man that said if he had HIS WAY, he would shoot non-tithers at the door before service. (Thanks for the LOVE pastor)

    ADMITTED Eddie Longs slept with young men and excused it as a WRECK. And told the people to get out of his church and go back to Eddie.
    (Is that how he confronts sin?)

    We have seen him dancing on money as if he were an 8 year old kid DURING CHURCH.

    He believes if you can't give money to the church you CAN'T receive any blessings.
    (I guess the unemployed, prisoners in other countries and the disabled won't be getting any blessings)

    THEN this woman ends her statement with,

    "a place where every week they break down the budget, what was spent, and where it goes"

    You want me to believe that Creflo Dollar ministries has made over 50 MILLION DOLLARS for OVER 20 years straight and NOBODY THOUGHT to save up money to buy another jet?

    Or scale down his demands and buy a used jet like he did the first one. (Of course Creflo would never lower himself to buy a USED jet this time)

    What this woman listed are things mega church pastors SHOULD DO!!!

    Asking your dramatically poorer church members to buy you the most expensive, high price jets on the market and then make a 5 minute video to PLED your case should NEVER CROSS YOUR MIND.

    1. Co-sign!!!

    2. Cop,
      You forgot to drop the mic afterwards...LOL!!!

    3. (Let me end this better)


      Cop is out!!!

      (As he walks off stage with fingers showing the peace sign)

    4. Like she said, "It isn't about the plane", but it is about the excessive request for a $64 million plane. Because the expense does not stop at the plane: fuel, storage, maintenance, and crew salaries. Quite exorbitant for these days and times.


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